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Jackie Robinson is getting an NYC museum, albeit far from the Dodgers [New York Times]
How to summer on Fire Island, for beginners [Long Island Press]
Michelle Williams building swimming pool at Flatbush mansion [Daily Eagle]
Secret Project Robot triumphantly returns to Bushwick [Bushwick Daily]
Your 2017 guide to Governors Island [Gothamist]
Gowanus Canals’ polluters hoping Trump will tolerate their stall tactics [Brooklyn Paper]
The NYPD is, ‘Biggest gang in NYC,’ say black, Latino activists [Observer]
Flatbush Ave. developer seeks ‘optimistic’ mural artist [DNAinfo]
Federal tax dollars reimbursing NYC tax dollars for Trump Tower security [Bloomberg]
Franklin Ave. subway station not doing so hot [Gothamist]

Immerse yourself in 17th century Manhattan’s soundscape.

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