Now next month can be known as Matthew McConau-May. Also, tacos

Everyone knows that Brooklyn is for summer. Arguably, there’s nothing better than watching a movie outdoors while consuming alcoholic beverages as the cool Williamsburg breeze blows through your hair. There are a million and one places to do this in Brooklyn, but do you ever feel like it could be…gayer? Well, that’s because it can. And to remedy this, La Gringa Taqueria (800 Grand Street, Williamsburg) will be launching an LGBT-focused Thursday night film series starting on May 2nd.

The idea came about when the folks at La Gringa realized that there weren’t many spots for the gays and their friends to hang out other than loud-ass thumpin’ bars. And that’s cool every once in a while, but you know, you can’t dance shirtless and covered in glitter every night of the week. Us LGBT people do other stuff, too, like eating tacos! And watching movies! And, just like you, we like to do those things at the same time, perhaps while drinking a margarita in their backyard.

The lineup is already set for the first month and will be kicking off with Gayby, a romantic comedy that premiered at SXSW, presumably about gays, babies, and gay babies (no, really), because LGBT people like that stuff too. Each movie starts at 8:30pm, and the rest of the lineup, included below, will run the gamut of indie flicks, mainstream releases, and homo-classics, so pick a Thursday and settle down. You can still bring your glitter.

May 2 – Gayby
May 9 – The Bay 
May 16 – Magic Mike 
May 23 – Sassy Pants
May 30 – Chasing Mavericks

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