In the papers: $240 off an Ikea sofa

picture-42A Brokelyn favorite hobby is scanning those wet circular bags that wind up on your stoop once a week because they contain all sorts of useful information that nobody else bothers with: Twelve-can packs of Coke and Pepsi are always on sale and Fairway always has a killer meat deal (this week: sirloin for $3.99/lb). This week’s packet from Park Slope also has an Ikea insert. On sale this weekend only: the Ektorp sofa in Leaby red is $349 instead of $599. Not bad. Plus, free breakfast for fathers on Sunday. That’s a nice offer, but dragging Dad to Ikea on Father’s Day is a little like going camping for Mother’s Day. Go on Saturday instead.

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  • If you did a “wet circular bag recap” every week (or whenever) I’d enjoy reading it.

  • FYI the IKEA website says that the Red Hook store doesn’t have any red ones in stock!

  • I just called the Red Hook store and they said they have 27 frames and 135 covers in Leaby red and they’re expecting another shipment of frames by tomorrow… Good luck!