Glad to see Mr. Freeze find a new passion besides trying to kill Batman. Photo via Resobox

Hear us now, people who can’t afford ice in their coffee; those who have suffered many A/C-free nights, sweating profusely, regulated to sleeping naked, leaving yourself a very vulnerable and pale target to mosquitoes. Fall is our salvation, but it’s still August and if you check the weather as much as we do, the cool autumn winds will not arrive for quite some time. Well Resobox (41-26 27th Street), an art space in Long Island City, knows your pain, both in your pockets and your sweat glands, and is hosting a party titled Cyronics (Or Daydream of it) where all the art will be… cold as ice. 

Prepare your best Vanilla Ice one liners from the 90s’ cinematic classic Cool as Ice; your best Arnold Schwarzenegger Mr. Freeze impression to serve as your… ice breakers and travel there with a Spotify playlist featuring all with all your favorite ice-related artists and songs (Ice-T, Ice Cube, “Cold as Ice” by M.O.P) to see Cyronics: the works created by Okamoto Studios, a group of ice sculptors who only create works of art with ice.

The party starts Saturday, August 15 at 8pm and will keep going untill all the ice has melted. So take it all in while drinking sake and enjoying the “chill” atmosphere. And maybe try to take a chunk with you, to give it as a gift to Jets QB Geno Smith, who seems like he needs it.

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