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How the subway’s on-time performance tanked since Cuomo took office [City & State]
How is the MTA girding itself against the next weather catastrophe? [Gizmodo]
Reporting repeat masturbator a ‘waste of time’ cops tell Bushwick woman [DNAinfo]
The genetic stories of NYC rats and mice [Nautilus]
Another giant snake on a train, this one hidden in a duffel bag [NBC]
Getting NYC bananas from boat to bodega [New York Times]
Bushwick’s Living Gallery opens Lower East Side outpost [Bushwick Daily]
That subway peacock wasn’t alive, Bushwick peacock owner says [Bedford + Bowery]
MTA sitting on nearly $80M in abandoned cash from unused MetroCards [Daily News]
Shoddy luxury condo construction forces Boerum playground to vacate [DNAinfo]
Brooklynites subject dogs to anti-vax movement [Brooklyn Paper]

You ARE the Q train. BECOME the Q train

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