Soon they can add “ran cars on time.” Photo by Tim Donnelly

A few months ago, the MTA promised they were going to do a big review on the G train to see if it was as bad as everyone was saying it was. Some cynical jerks were skeptical, but in your face jerks: according to a press release that landed in our inbox, a whole bunch of changes were recommended for the G train including more frequent, spread out service, more public address systems and better platform layout. Maybe dreams really do come true.

The study, which found that the G had every problem people said it did, called for the following improvements, according to a press release from State Senators Daniel Squadron and Martin Milave-Dilan:

  • a 25% increase in service between 3pm and 9pm. That depends on funding though, so…yeah…
  • Trains run in even intervals instead of bunched together, resulting in that annoying thing where you see the track across from you get a G train RIGHT after you see one pull in
  • Clearly marking where the train will stop and re-arranging the benches on the platform so you won’t have to get up and run to an open door when the train shows up.
  • Adding public address systems to the G stations that don’t currently have them, so G train riders can be updated on service changes and also so they can understand all those jokes about not being able to understand subway announcements
  • Other slight improvements, like all the train doors being open when a car waits in the Court Square station in Queens

There’s no word of when exactly these will all go down or even if all of them will be undertaken, so for the time being, feel free to keep writing silly songs about the train and blame if for things like ruining that relationship of yours that was hopeless to begin with.

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