Oh, the tank top. It’s right up there with mom shorts in the most beloved of summer outfits. Romphims be damned, we want soft sleeveless slips of cotton brushing against our chests and nothing else. Arms, be free! You’ve had your upper limbs cooped up in bulky jackets and puffy overcoats all year, now it’s time to let them fly. Got arm flab? Got stretch marks? So do we. It’s beautiful. You’re beautiful. Brokelyn can personally vouch for your beauty and that the patriarchy has given you unrealistic expectations for your body that are hindering your tank top game.

But what’s that, you say? Your wardrobe is sadly lacking in tank tops? We got you. Brokelyn’s three different summer tanks are sexy af and pair perfectly with the beach, the park or laying on the floor underneath your A/C.

In addition to looking super cute on every frame, they’ll help you express your love of the beach, that Prospect Park is way better than Central Park, and of course Fucking Summer.

They ship speedy quick from our website and only cost $15 (that’s not even a single avocado toast). Order now, they’ve been known to sell out.

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