Ooh, shiny. Photo by Matt Lambros, via Facebook

The curtain will rise again on Brooklyn’s historic Kings Theatre in January 2015.

Don’t remember seeing Arcade Fire perform there? The theatre on Flatbush Ave has been closed for 40 years, so the debut will be the first time in our lifetimes to visit the French Renaissance revivalist theatre, rumored to be spectacularly beautiful and lovingly restored to its original grandeur, according to a press release.

At over 3000 seats, the former movie house dating back to 1929 will be Brooklyn’s biggest theatre once again. The Kings Theatre plans to host over 200 performances in 2015, including music, comedy, theatre and dance. Perhaps yet another Barclays effect will bring $6 lattes to the end of the B line? Only time will tell, but it would be nice if for once, it didn’t.

According to the press release from the Kings Theatre, the renovation and restoration of the building has gone on since 2013, and includes a restoration of the original facade and marquee and a recreation or restoration of old decór like chandeliers, lighting fixtures and salon furniture. The private-public project cost $93 million, but we’re hoping tickets will go for a bit less.

For updates on the project, pictures of the theatre coming along and upcoming performances, follow Kings Theatre on Facebook or twitter.

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