DO sweat it: free sweat lodge at The Diamond next Sunday

Spring self-cleaning. via Flickr user lime

Spring self-cleaning. via Flickr user lime

Did you indulge a little too much this winter? It’s cool, it happens to everyone. Between Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year’s, January depression eating and February depression meth smoking, the whole season is just a gauntlet of self-abuse. And while you could have done something lame like Soberuary and made your friends hate you for being lame, instead you stuck it out. But now you’d like to feel a little cleaner. And don’t want to spend any money on it, if possible. Well, the Center for Investigative Research has exactly what you’re looking for.

Next Sunday, March 24, at The Diamond (43 Franklin Street, Greenpoint), the Center is taking over the basement and installing a sweat lodge, so you can watch your toxins, demons and those little bugs inside you from the meth all leave your body in the form of water. And it’s free, to boot. Plus, to make sure you don’t get hungry we guess, the Center is also going to have a crayfish boil. That’s five bucks, but check this out: The Diamond is a beer book bar. So bring your beer book (don’t let get all warped in the sweat lodge) and then immediately go back to harming your body by spending your beer money on crayfish and getting a beer with your beer book coupon. Everybody wins! Except your liver.

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  • Thanks for the shout out guys! Couple corrections…the sweat lodge is in the back yard, not the basement and the crawfish boil is $8.