Become Brooklyn’s Connect Four champ

Photo by Will Vanlue

Photo by Will Vanlue

Connect Four, the seemingly-simple, ambiguously-named pastime of dropping checker-like pieces into little yellow slots, is about to be vaulted to the competitive level of a major-league sport. Drop into the Bell House (149 7th St.) tomorrow night, November 3, for round one of the self-proclaimed, yet not-to-be-downplayed “World’s Biggest Connect Four Championship.” Tomorrow is the first of four weekly tournament rounds that will culminate in one master of connectivity being named “Connect Four Champion of Brooklyn” on November 24. Just imagine the excitement: four evenings, the ruthless, fast-paced fusion of basketball, checkers… and beer.

For the uninitiated, Connect Four is an intricate interplay between strategy and good old fashioned common sense—and it also helps if you’re not color blind. It’s a two-player game in which each player attempts to line up (connect) four of his or her colored pieces on a vertical grid—overall, a thrilling display of gravity, plastic and human ingenuity.

Check-in for registered players is at 6 p.m. ($3 to play), tournament starts at 7. Cash prizes, bar tabs, gift certificates and board games will be awarded. More info. and registration here. Free for spectators.

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