Our god is a funky god

1. Eat your way to a rebuilt Coney Island (Monday)

2. What better way to make Christmas Eve a religious experience than to spend it with the Reverend Vince Anderson? (Monday)

3. Volunteer after eating the Christmas…ham? Goose? Help us out here, what do the goyim eat on Christmas? (Tuesday)

4. Get a head start on your New Year’s Resolution to be a 25-year-old grandma get good at needlepoint (Wednesday)

5. It’s been six years since James Brown ascended to heaven. Celebrate at Union Pool (Wednesday)

6. It’s called the One Stop Beer Shop but they’re celebrating one year on this Earth with gin and tonics? Oh, they’re free? Who needs logic in that case? (Thursday)

7. Learn some untold stories of New York life at the DUMBO Film Salon and then hold the fact that you know them over your friends’ heads (Friday)

8. Party like it’s 1999 to dance off the calories from your Christmas…turkey? Help us out here, seriously (Friday)

9. Launchpad hosts a potluck and surprise movie. Spoiler alert: it’s your birth film! (Friday)

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