kings theatre

See it in real life, not just in pictures. via Kings Theatre Flickr

If you’ve been drooling over pictures of how nice the Kings Theatre looks after its $94-million restoration, you might also be someone who’s chomping at the bit to get inside and see what it looks like. Well, we’ve got good news for you, because you’ll be able to do that and do it for free. Ditmas Park Corner reports that the Church Avenue BID will hook you up with free tickets to see a preview performance at the theatre this Tuesday. All you’ve gotta do is send an email and then put on something warm, because you’re gonna be standing on line. (more…)

Sorry, no plastic cookies this time

Sorry, no plastic cookies this time

If you pay any attention to the valuable lessons Michelle Obama and Cookie Monster have taught us, you know fruit and vegetables are somehow important. We hear produce helps you fight off diseases and make your plate more colorful and Instagram-worthy, so we’re for it. There’s just one issue: fruit’s kind of expensive. Luckily, there’s a stockpile of “8 to 10 boxes” of free plastic food available outside the offices at 20 Jay Street in DUMBO for anyone who wants some fake fruit, vegetables, and bread. (more…)

01/09/15 1:13pm
Finally, have good times like this on your schedule and not the bar's schedule

Finally, have good times like this on your schedule and not the bar’s schedule

Happy hour, we all love happy hour because it means cheap booze. And what is life without cheap booze? Honestly a horrible nightmare that shouldn’t even be contemplated, so we’ll just stop doing that. Sometimes though, you have the kind of schedule that keeps you away from bars around those magic three or four hours where the prices are shaved the booze flows extra fast. A bunch of enterprising young people have heard your cries though and have made a new app, Happy, that gets you an hour of happy hour-priced drinks when it’s convenient for you. Either that’s the best part, or the fact that it’s free is the best part, we’re not sure. (more…)

01/05/15 2:52pm
gotham writers' workshop

Like this, but indoors. via Facebook

It’s a new year, and you’re promising a new you, just like last year. Except this year will be different, and you’re really gonna write that world-changing novel or the business manual that makes you the next Donald Trump. Well, so you say, except you can barely write. Good thing then, that Gotham Writers’ Workshop is offering some free writing classes this week then, huh? (more…)


This could be you! Well, with practice, so get to it. via Facebook

Just as we’re done mourning the places we lost in 2014, it’s time to turn the page and wring whatever enjoyment we can out of the places slated to close in early 2015. Take the Cumbe Center for African and Diaspora Dance, which is being kicked out of its Fort Greene home at the end of January. They might be saying goodbye, but they’re not bitter about it, which they’re proving with discounted classes all month as a gesture of thanks for their community support the last three years. (more…)

12/29/14 2:07pm
Prepare to be wooed

Prepare to be wooed

Online dating’s a bit of a crapshoot, especially when you factor in how the internet seems to help people be even flakier and creepier than they otherwise might be. On top of that, the dates we actually manage to snag end up being pricey, as we learned quickly after our sweet gesture of bringing Franzia to a date fell flat. If your New Year’s resolution is to go on real dates with non-felons without needing to take out a loan, there’s hope. Matchmaking app Dapper will be setting up dates at wine bars around Manhattan and providing free drinks from now until January 15. (more…)

12/26/14 2:18pm
Full Circle bar

Where you can roll to have fun, but not in an Ecstasy way.

Here is a thing we like doing: drinking beer. Here is a thing we don’t like doing: paying full price for beers. How to reconcile those two things is a challenge most of the time. Obviously there are the Beer Books, but with 2014 rapidly ending, we’re soon gonna be stuck in a portion of the year where beers are not free, at least until Valentine’s Day. What to do then? Oh, look at that, a Groupon that will get you $20 of beer for just $10 at one of our favorite places, the Full Circle Bar. (more…)

12/17/14 10:37am
Sayra's in Far Rockaway looks even better with free beer.

Sayra’s in Far Rockaway looks even better with free beer.

It’s a proven fact: there’s no better Valentine’s Day Gift than a Brokelyn Beer Book. It’s a pocket full of surefire date spots, a non-committal way to say, “hey, I like drinking beer with you” and it lasts longer than a rose in a plastic tube. Plus, they’re beloved by both genders, which is more than you can say about an elephant-nose thong.

Reason #67 (we lost count): They’re on sale! While supplies last, you can get 20% off our South Brooklyn & Rockaway Beer Book. That means you get 28 beers at 28 bars in South Brooklyn and Rockaway for the outrageously low price of $22.40 — practically cheaper than a box of Russell Stover!  (more…)

12/16/14 10:25am
ifc center

Your cinemaphile friend would appreciate Santa bringing her an IFC Center membership. via Flickr user Carlos Lowry

Happy holidays, Brokelyn shoppers! It’s time to show your broke cinemaphile friends how much you appreciate them and shower them with gifts. Instead of taking wild guesses from us, let us introduce you to four talented actors, directors, and filmmakers in Brooklyn to tell you what to give to the film nerd. You could give them tickets to the most thought-provoking films and performances. But really, what film nerd to you know that is not secretly an aspiring filmmaker? Give them a mix of things to watch and tools that enable them to create a film that you will watch. (more…)

12/15/14 2:49pm
More humane than sleighs

Give your commuter reindeer a day off and go get a bike

So you know how you always wanted a pony for The Holiday? Well the one we mailed you one last week but you weren’t home to sign for him so sorry no pony this year. Before you melt into a puddle of pony-less despair, we have some good news. We’ve got a bike (discount) for you! Ride Brooklyn is having a huge holiday sale this weekend so you can get yourself a new bike and the flattering lycra outfit you’ve been eyeing. (more…)