04/30/15 9:35am
carvel free cone day

Yours, all yours, for nothing. via Facebook

Whether you fall on the side of liking Ben and Jerry’s or like Tim, think it’s “the Huffington Post of desserts,” the one thing we can all agree on is that their free cone day doesn’t always come at the right time. Early April just isn’t always a time when people think of ice cream and shorts and warmth. Luckily, there are other free cone days to take advantage of, like Carvel’s free cone day that’s happening today from 3pm to 8pm. More luckily, there are plenty of Carvel locations in Brooklyn (and incidentally none in Times Square), so getting your free ice cream doesn’t mean extra time in Manhattan. (more…)

04/28/15 2:34pm
bartolo colon

See smirking baseball demon Bartolo Colon and the rest of the Mets for so cheap you’ll be able to afford two beers at the game. via Facebook

Well, it finally happened. After years of posts about cheap Mets tickets talking about how maybe if everything went right things could okay, or at least justifying bad baseball with the fact that it was affordable, the Mets are good. The Mets are so good in fact, that they’re currently the best team in baseball, both on the field and on Twitter. Fortunately, their newfound success hasn’t meant tickets are more expensive (yet), and the Mets’ latest ticket deal has managed to lower prices for Thursday night’s game against the hated Washington National to an astounding $4 in some sections. We’re not talking cheap seats either, we’re talking seats so close that you can holler at the coward Bruce Harper and he’ll hear you. (more…)

04/20/15 4:13pm
It's not outside exactly, but the skylight will make you feel like that.

It’s not outside exactly, but the skylight will make you feel like that.

Ah, the old “pool on the roof” bit. Great way to trick freshmen and other newcomers, but would also be nice if there really was a pool on the roof in some buildings. Oh hey, look at that, there are and even though it’s buildings in Manhattan, you can get some deals that allow you to swim in them for as low as $15. Looks like you’ve got a new place to workout this summer, if that’s the kind of thing you do. (more…)

04/17/15 9:11am
It'll look great in your living room

It’ll look great in your living room

With spring finally here, it’s time for venues and bars around Brooklyn to open back up after the long winter spent hibernating. Unfortunately for the sweet tooths of Prospect Heights, dessert and cocktail bar Spirited will not be among them. The wintertime closure for “renovations” has become permanent. Goodbye sweet, boozy prince.

That said, Spirited is going out like a champ with one last hurrah this Sunday, April 19. At the “Last Call” event, which starts at 11am and runs until the doors finally shut, the Spirited crew will not only be selling their signature drinks and desserts, but also most of the furniture in the place. (more…)

04/16/15 2:04pm
Now all you need a horse

Now all you need a horse

So, you moved to Brooklyn and you have your authentic giant beard and your authentic jeans that look ripped from working in the factory all day and your authentic flannel, but you still feel empty for some reason. Something is missing, you just can’t put your finger on it… Well, we’re here to help, by letting you know that you could be the proud new owner of 22 bales of hay if you just take a ride on the L train. Or maybe not the L train, maybe you should rent a beat up old pickup truck for this occasion. (more…)

04/09/15 2:01pm
matt harvey

He’s baaack

You might have noticed that the Mets fan in your life has a little more pep in their step today. Beyond the fact that the team doesn’t have a losing record yet this season, today is also a big day because Matt Harvey has returned to pitch in games that count. Yes, Harvey Day are here again, and the Mets are celebrating along with you, by offering three tickets for just $33 for their game next Friday night against the hated Miami Marlins. (more…)

04/07/15 10:13am
milly & earl

Spend your subway fare at Milly & Earl. via Facebook

The big weekend L train shutdown cutting it off between Manhattan and Brooklyn is coming, and boy is everyone excited. Oh no, that’s not true, they’re not excited at all, they actually seem kinda pissed. We’ve already let you know that you can save on theater tickets during this whole thing, and now a few Williamsburg boutiques have let us know that in honor of the first weekend shutdown, you can come in and get a $2.75 discount on every purchase this weekend, so that you can spend your train fare on cool local merchandise instead of a disappointing train. (more…)

Graduate from classroom instruments

Graduate from classroom instruments

We’ve listened to your EPs, we’ve heard you sing in the shower too damn early in the morning, we’ve seen your powerful karaoke renditions of Bohemian Rhapsody. You’ve got talent. We see a serious music career in your stars, but it looks like something’s missing. Where’s your equipment? Where are your lasers? Where’s your amp? Where’s your drum set? Where’s your box of old sci-fi magazines? Your music glory won’t happen if all you and your band have to show for yourselves a really cool name, a jug, and a dream. Fix that this weekend by fortifying your music inventory at Freddy’s Garage Sale, where you can take your entertainment game from Woodie Guthrie to Daft Punk without having to move back into your parents’ garage. (more…)

Delilah's Steaks

Delilah’s wants you to get your cheesesteak on, fo free. via Facebook

We’ve got to hand it to ‘em: Philly did a pretty good thing when they invented the cheesesteak. Thinly sliced beef, melted cheese, sauteed onions and peppers, if you’re trying to be healthy…you might even say it’s a sandwich worth celebrating. Luckily, the holiday fairies agreed when they created National Cheesesteak Day, and to tout the noble feast, Delilah’s Steaks is giving away their cheesesteaks for free all day on Saturday. (more…)

03/20/15 4:18pm

Sorry, you’ll probably be waiting for a while. via Flickr user Chris Ford

The L train stirs some mighty special feelings inside us. Part of us loves it for the tremendous people watching potential. Williamsburg and Bushwick have some of the most fascinating creatures we’ve encountered, and we feel like there are many anthropology dissertations to be written on it. A bigger part, though, wants to curl up into a ball and cry and roll and cry whenever we think of the L train, especially now that it’s undergoing some sort of dramatic rebirth and not running at night for the next nine weeks. Annoyance Theatre hears our wimpers though, and they’re betraying their name by helping sooth your L train troubles. From now on, tickets to their shows will be buy one get one half off whenever the L train isn’t running. (more…)