11/25/15 1:04pm
It's waiting for you, and it's free. via Facebook

It’s waiting for you, and it’s free. via Facebook

By Black Friday, the love and warmth you feel for your family might be worn down to a nub and you’ll feel the need to get out of the house. Or you’ll just feel really gluttonous and you need to get some energy out. You don’t want to go to the mall though, and Brooklyn Boulders’ offer of free climbing doesn’t jibe with your fear of heights. Fortunately for you, Crunch Gyms in Brooklyn and around the country are going to be open and free to use for anyone who wanders in looking to lift some weights or throw around some medicine balls. (more…)

11/24/15 11:37am

Welcome to your doom. Photoshop by Madelyn Owens

Thanksgiving is the most American of holidays. It’s a day of overindulgence, football, casually racist uncles, loose fitting pants…and hours spent in gridlock traffic on our crumbling highway system. Maybe you have the income to book a flight or a train on the Biggest Most Expensive Travel Days of the year, but most likely you will be braving a budget bus trip back to your homeland.

The low price tag comes with hidden costs: there’s the chronic back pain from the cramped seats, or a seat mate who packed their own tuna salad, of course. Sometimes though, things are much worse. A fellow passenger who won’t stop singing, a chugging contest in the back of the bus and threats of violence. Even worse, sometime YOU’RE the problem. To help you through the long journey ahead, our Brokesters share their most harrowing tales of bus life struggles. (more…)

Get a handle on your fitness regime, before it's even time for resolutions. via Facebook

Get a handle on your fitness regime, before it’s even time for resolutions. via Facebook

As one of our contributors went over while putting fall on blast, as the weather gets colder, overeating due to large holiday meals really starts to ramp up (by the way don’t forget about all these holiday desserts to buy in Brooklyn and restaurants serving said large meals). What comes after that is usually a series of attempts at and lies you tell yourself and others about getting fit after New Year’s, but our question is, why wait? Not on the lying we mean, but on the attempts at fitness, because Brooklyn Boulders is throwing open their doors for an orgy of free climbing action over Thanksgiving weekend. (more…)

11/12/15 11:16am
You, too, can serve up PInterest-worthy platters. via Flickr user Stacy Spensley

You, too, can serve up PInterest-worthy platters. via Flickr user Stacy Spensley

Fall means a lot of crummy things in this town, but on the brighter side, it does mean Thanksgiving. Who among us doesn’t look forward to the blessed mid-season holiday where we throw all our calorie cares, workplace woes and family feuds, if only for one or two days?

While Thanksgiving may be cheerful, the preparations are not. We understand, so we’ve rounded up a few classes focused on tackling the more intricate and challenging elements of a Thanksgiving meal: cooking for celiacs and vegans, crafting autumnal wreaths, getting everybody glogg-tipsy, and carving a turkey, naturally.

Remember, signing up for these classes through us keeps the Brokeshow in town, so if you like what you read on our site, give one of these courses a try. (more…)

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You can do it! via via Copenhagen Cycle Chic

You can do it! via via Copenhagen Cycle Chic

Our brief respite from real fall weather is just about over, and it’s starting to get into layer weather and heavy coat weather. So you’re thinking about putting your bike away for the season, except for maybe a freak warm February day. You don’t have to ride the subway everywhere if you don’y want to though! Next week, any bike riding lady who wants to get some instructions on how to pedal through the wind and snow or keep her bike in one piece during the winter can, at one of four free cycling classes for women coming to Brooklyn. (more…)

11/06/15 3:12pm
You can actually see Hamilton for a Hamilton, if you're lucky. via Facebook

You can actually see Hamilton for a Hamilton, if you’re lucky. via Facebook

Look: we know you want to see Hamilton. We know that your mom back in Iowa wants to see Hamilton. And we know that, in the best of all matronly worlds, your mom wants to see Hamilton with you. But I’m not here to help you with that. The New York Times is here to help you with that.

I, on the other hand, am here to tell you about some cheap theatre hacks that, while not as edifying as, say, a rap duel about the foundations of American civic policy, might still help you on a more fiscal level. Basically, I’m going to tell you how to lie, cheat, steal, bone, and gamble your way into some decent shows.  (I guess I’ll also tell you about company subscriptions and more responsible, less-boning-heavy ways of acquiring discounted Broadway tickets. But we all know which ones you’re going to go for.) (more…)

Welcome home, lady!

Welcome home, lady!

Searching through Craigslist for a room in New York is one of the more depressing endeavors you can put yourself through. Sometimes, if you’re lucky, the terrible listings you come across are a joke. On the other hand, sometimes, like in the case of this $450/month windowless walk-in closet that three guys are advertising as ideal for a woman, they’re entirely too real and you’re face-to-face with the pitiless screaming ghoul that is New York City real estate. Close your eyes and don’t look at it, lest it melt your face off! (more…)

10/23/15 9:30am

There’s a universe of options for $31 tattoos at Big Bang Ink, and other tattoo shops this Halloween

Halloween is right around the corner and here in Brooklyn you can celebrate it right many different ways. In addition to all the parties happening, five awesome tattoo shops are treating you to something that will last forever (unlike your Halloween candy), $31 tattoos. So grab your $31, and the nearest (dare)devil and go get inked!

Pay what you can, wear what you can plank in. via Sacred FB

Pay what you can, wear what you can plank in. via Sacred FB

Boy, it’s a good time to love yoga. Last week we told you where you could find classes on the cheap, and now this week Sacred Brooklyn (197 Clifton Place) is offering pay-what-you-wish classes all week long! Today thru Sunday, October 19-25, drop in to the studio to break a sweat, and pay as much or as little as you like.

10/14/15 10:01am
You wanna be that free spirit snapping pics of trees? You should probably practice. Photo by Rula Sibai

You wanna be that free spirit snapping pics of trees? You should probably practice. Photo by Rula Sibai

It’s Fall, y’all. The leaves are changing, and so are you! This is a season of wistful endings and new beginnings, not to mention the gratuitous imbibing of pumpkin beer. And in order to help make sure you’re taking full advantage of the autumn hour, we rounded up 5 of the falliest fall courses worth checking out on CourseHorse.

In addition to teaching you valuable life skills like cooking, knitting and what-have-you, booking any of these courses through us helps keep the wheels on the Brokesmobile a-turning. Hey, it’s a karmic boost and a new talent all wrapped up in one! (more…)