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A hair-raising offer: Boobie Trap is offering free booze for anyone who chops off their man bun

A hair-raising offer: Boobie Trap is offering free booze for anyone who chops off their man bun
Via Boobie Trap Facebook.

The new year means a new outlook on life, new goals and maybe the chance to newly reconsider any questionable hairstyle decisions you made last year. Bushwick’s Boobie Trap bar is starting off the year by taking aim at one of the most controversial dude looks in recent years: the man bun. The bar is offering “one full booze bottle” to any guy who removes their top knot on the premises, as the sign above states.

“We’d film the amputation and pin the bun up on the wall,” Boobie Trap co-owner Kristen North told us.

The sign was posted just after Christmas, so the bar hasn’t had any takers yet. North said the idea came from a friend; while she doesn’t have any personal grudges against people with man buns, North said “I don’t think they’re cute and just think I’ve seen way too many of them last season and want to help along a new style sensation.”

The man buns have certainly become a focal point of hate in recent years, for whatever reason.

Boobie Trap is known for its DGAF attitude and signs, including a “Shitty Yelper of the Month” section of one wall, a neon “Fuck Off” sign behind the bar and a big banner scolding European visitors for stiffing bartenders on tips.

So the man bun challenge sign fits in well with the rest of the decor. But if the walls start becoming covered in hordes of discarded clumps of hair, they ambiance of the place may change dramatically.

UPDATE: The bar had its first taker on Jan. 13, captured in the video below. You can see North standing on the bar with a pair of hedge clippers in her hand as she clips the bun:

Give it up to Joe for our first man bun special !!!! Wooo hoooo

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Boobie Trap is located at 308 Bleecker St. in Bushwick.

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