08/20/14 3:12pm
battle of brooklyn

This pub crawl will be infinitely easier than the events it’s exploring. via Wikipedia

This Saturday, August 23, grab your tri-cornered fedoras and relive the Battle of Brooklyn through the eyes of a drunken Hessian mercenary. Local writer and historian Connor Gaudet will lead a free pub crawl through the area the Continental Army defended against a British assault on New York in the Revolutionary War. Gaudet will stop at and describe various key historical sites throughout the Heights of Guan (Gowanus) and, most importantly, raise a pint or two at eleven bars and pubs along the way. (more…)

08/19/14 4:19pm
blind barber tacos

Mmmmm…tacos… via Twitter

It doesn’t matter what season it is summer, fall or even fummer (summer + fall) when cheap tacos come calling we come in droves. Blind Barber (524 Lorimer Street, Williamsburg) the barbershop that happens to have a cafe/bar in the front will be having $2 Taco Tuesday starting tonight. (more…)

08/18/14 10:06am

Don’t throw your mushrooms away, throw them in some apple cider vinegar! Photo courtesy of Andrew Whitcomb

How much of your food skips the fork and goes straight from the fridge to the trash can? Probably too much.  Even if you share a quarter of a mini-fridge, you’re probably not using everything you buy before it starts to stink up your and then your roommate’s partitioned fridge space. Americans are really good at buying more groceries than we can use, and it’s a huge waste of money, not to mention resources.

Chef Andrew Whitcomb, of Colonie (127 Atlantic Ave), teaches us some of the tricks he uses to keep margins down at his restaurant, so we can enjoy our perishables before they truly perish.

We came up with some foods that often turn in our refrigerators before we get a chance to use them and Chef Whitcomb shared his mastermind strategies for optimal deliciousness, with things like pickling, sauces and…carrot jerky? (more…)

08/15/14 11:39am
seasonal creep

Show us a pumpkin before the third week in September and see what happens. via Flickr user Leigh Jay Temple

In case you needed a reminder, it’s still summer. Seriously, look on your calendar, it’s right there, August 15? August 15 is during the summer. In fact, there’s still over a month of summer left if we’re going by things like equinoxes and solstices. So why is it that when I go to my bodega, I have to see pumpkin beer stocked front and center in the fridge? Why, when I go to the bar is pumpkin beer already on the beer list? Quit trying to kill the summer. Quit buying pumpkin beer in August. (more…)


You can eat this, for a good cause, at Littleneck on Friday night

Don’t worry, you won’t need a swimsuit, or more accurately a biohazard suit, to dive into Gowanus this Friday. Instead, bring an appetite, some cash, and a willingness to drink a lot in order to support the Gowanus Canal Conservancy, when restaurants around the neighborhood show their support with Dive in Gowanus. (more…)

08/13/14 7:00am
north brooklyn wine happy hours

You don’t have to be a Lannister to love wine

Brokelyn’s collective enthusiasm for dive round-ups and Beer Books is something near and dear to my heart, but I confess that wine is my preferred libation just about always. While discounted beer and well drinks are a dime a dozen, the cold, bubbly fact is that wine is rarely invited to happy hour. Perhaps wine’s European aura implies dollar signs, or the fact that it comes in smaller bottles than liquor – with annoying corks, at that – or maybe it’s because “tempranillo” is harder to pronounce than “ale,” but people seem to think wine is too fancy for happy hour. THAT’S NOT TRUE.

I won’t be fated to a life where my only options are expensive wine at a bar or cheap old grapes at home… and if committed to going out, I’d like to be somewhere $20 gets me three glasses rather than two. I’ve found bars with awesome wine happy hours for me, and therefore I found bars with awesome wine happy hours for us. (more…)

brooklyn beer and wine fest

See all the fun they’re having? You could be having that much fun! via Facebook

We all love booze (most of us anyway), and especially when we’ve got a ton of local booze lined up for us to taste. That’s why it’s time to get excited, because Arts+Crafts (they of Bushwick Beverages) and Tap+Cork are teaming up to for the second ever Brooklyn Beer and Wine Festival at Bed-Stuy’s Restoration Plaza (1368 Fulton Street), next Saturday, August 16. Beer nerds, winos and foodies, your (affordable) event of the summer has arrived. (more…)

08/06/14 10:08am
full lane logistics csa

Just imagine this bike is full of healthy vegetables. Healthy, tasteless vegetables. via Facebook

So, you’ve decided to bite the healthy, disgusting bullet, eat more vegetables and sign up for a CSA. Here’s the problem though: You might not be that important, but your boss expects you to work hours that suggest you would be. So, after your 10-hour day dealing with office bullshit, you’re not going out of your way to pick up your CSA share. Well, your worries are over, because bike delivery collective Full Lane Logistics has teamed up with the Enterprise Farm CSA to offer delivery services for your CSA share, called Full Lane CSA. (more…)

08/05/14 1:50pm
meat hook sandwich

Here be a bunch of beer. Kind of… via Facebook

Contrary to whatever the Times‘ next anthropological field study of Brooklyn finds, we’re not all raw vegans yet. Places like Meat Hook Sandwich (495 Lorimer Street) are here for you omnivores, except they keep to an 11am-4pm schedule which kind of limits things, since, shockingly, some of us work. Meat Hook’s making tumbling off the vegan wagon (or hopping on the paleo wagon) a little easier though, by offering a $25 steak, salad and unlimited beer dinner option on Wednesdays, starting this week according to Brooklyn Based. (more…)

08/05/14 10:13am
amancay's diner

Department of Health regulations will probably prevent this from happening though. via Flickr user Brandon Cripps

Everyone loves a good old fashioned 24-hour diner, where you can get cheap greasy food that you don’t even realize doesn’t taste that great because you’re so drunk you can’t see or taste. What if though, we offered you that same kind of diner with “Bushwickified” organic ingredients and a table that has a Spin the Bottle game permanently attached to it? Well, whether you want that or not, that’s what’s coming to Bushwick at 2 Knickerbocker Avenue, former site of the venue/deli Living Bread, according to DNA Info.  (more…)