02/05/16 10:23am
2017 .. what a time it will be to be alive.

2017 .. what a time it will be to be alive.

It’s been a strange and often disturbing few years in the Brooklyn food scene. We’ve seen Nutelasagna, cricket bitters, chorizo ice cream and pig-foot pancakes and, frankly, things are just gonna keep getting weirder.

While other publications speculate about this year, we here at Brokelyn are already getting a head start on 2017. After months of research, crystal-gazing and blind-guessing, our in-house R&D team/time scientists bring you our 10 best predictions for what you’ll be eating in 2017 (we hope you like horse).  (more…)

02/02/16 3:19pm
The 2016 Beer Books are finally here!

The 2016 Beer Books are finally here!

There are lots of things to get excited for in the New Year: fresh resolutions; health insurance enrollment; the sweet satisfaction of abandoning that fitness goal. But come February, there’s something much sweeter to swallow: 30 free beers at 30 bars for only 30 bucks in the county of Kings. Today’s the day: the 2016 Brooklyn Beer Books are on sale! (more…)

02/01/16 1:08pm
If you cook it, will they come? Photo by Sam Corbin

If you cook it, will they come? Photo by Sam Corbin/Brokelyn.

ICYMI in last month’s news, there’s a new cooking app on the rise called Homemade, and it lets you sell food out of your home as if you were your very own take-out joint. For consumers, that means getting to sample local flavors and engage with members of the community. For users, it means covering the cost of your weekly groceries, and maybe even more.

Naliaka Wakhisi is one of Homemade’s most popular chefs. A Bed-Stuy resident originally from Miami, by way of Chicago, Wakhisi has been using the app since November, and has already gained a loyal following for her made-to-order vegan comfort food, which includes pumpkin mac n’ cheese, jerked tacos, shiitake bacon and more. We caught up with her over a plate of said mouthwatering tacos, to chat about her experience using app — and to find out whether she’s actually making any money from it.   (more…)

01/22/16 3:31pm
Cold nights call for hot ramen at Shalom Japan in Williamsburg. Via FB.

Cold nights call for hot ramen at Shalom Japan in Williamsburg. Via FB.

Winter means cold and snow that transform your neighborhood into Narnia, but there actually is an upside to the season: spicy food. It’s something we enjoy year-round, but it’s especially needed during the winter months. Like cold beer in the summer, a spicy dish can make you forget about the weather outside, while slowly destroying your insides, one delicious gulp at a time. So, if you’re an unlucky soul going out this weekend or anytime during the next few months, we’ve asked some local food experts and people who know Brooklyn for their recommendations of the best spicy food you can find in Brooklyn. Today also just so happens to be the birthday of Wilbur Scoville, the guy who invented the way to measure the hotness of peppers, so go make him proud.  (more…)

01/20/16 8:26am
Benchmark restaurant in Park Slope is ready to offer up a cookie dough egg roll.

Benchmark in Park Slope is ready to offer up a cookie dough egg roll for a slightly discounted price.

It’s that wonderful time of year where some of New York’s finest restaurants offer three-course meals for a (sometimes only slightly) reduced price. Restaurant Week runs through Feb. 5 and, though $25 for lunch and $38 for dinner (plus tip and tax) may be a less than desirable amount to spend, Brokelyn is here to help you figure out on which dough you should spend your dough on. Just nine Brooklyn restaurants made the cut for the money-saving deals this season, which seems weird because there are way more than nine restaurants in Brooklyn, but we added a few in Manhattan worth making the trip across the bridge for good food deals too.  (more…)

01/14/16 12:05pm
The Nation of Swine (far left). Via Iron Station BK.

The Nation of Swine (far left). Via Iron Station BK.

Okay, so it’s January. The holidays are over, the temperatures are plummeting, and everywhere you look, people are struggling to stick to their oh-so-virtuous New Year’s resolutions. Some of this writer’s most ambitious friends are even trying for “Dry January,” eschewing alcohol altogether in an effort to atone for December’s eggnog and prosecco binges. Which … you know … good for them. But as for the rest of us, we need a little somethin’ to get us through the darkest and coldest stretches of winter. Luckily, we Brokelynites have plenty of winter cocktail options in the borough to keep us warm, tipsy and happy! Here are a few fabulous examples, all of which can be acquired on a 2-for-1 basis with the purchase of Brokelyn’s Cocktail Book! (more…)

01/13/16 11:00am
IMG_7879 copy

Once a hobby, now a jobby

Ever since we clawed our way out of the recession (*cough* bailouts *cough*), cooking has seemed like nothing more to the average New Yorker than an occasional opportunity to save some cash during tight times, or perhaps a last stand against cleverly-targeted delivery food ads on the train. But thanks to a new iPhone app, cooking your own food isn’t limited to a last-resort moneysaver anymore — it can also be a significant source of income!

So it goes on Homemade, a location-based cooking service for smartphones that lets you make money off cooking meals for your neighbors. Do you freelance from home? Bake your famous cookies while you write. Running between jobs but make a killer winter chili? Put that slow-cooker to good use.

“It’s like Etsy, for food,” says Homemade’s co-founder, Nick Devane. “We wanted to match that makers’ spirit.” (more…)

01/12/16 1:00pm
j'eatjet? brunch

At j’eatjet it’s more like moremosa, Photo by Dave Rosado

[We updated this list for January 2016 and added some new spots so everything is up to date!-ed.]

Brunch: it’s that magical meal that’s somehow both over- AND underrated. It’s a great way to start a weekend or coast through a Sunday morning hangover, a meal where you can order a boozy drink and loudly proclaim “It’s five o’clock somewhere, right? Who cares? It’s brunch o’clock here!” to the hearty enjoyment of nobody, because come on. Brunch can also be expensive, as day drinking is apparently a fancy affair once you introduce a fruit cup to the occasion.

Still, there’s no need to be one of the five richest kings of Europe to get your boozy brunch on. Instead of buying a sixer of Milwaukee’s Best to drink alongside some hastily-made scrambled eggs at home, class it up by heading to these eighteen restaurants (!) which offer the best Brooklyn unlimited brunch drink specials.  (more…)

01/11/16 8:00am
Photo by Erin McCann via Twitter.

Photo by Erin McCann via Twitter.

The important thing to remember about Netflix’s hit true-crime documentary Making a Murderer is that it does involve a real murder, for which someone is actually responsible, which is objectively a terrible thing. It’s also a fascinating show that exhibits just how downright effed our American justice system is (not a total surprise to the non-white viewing audience out there, tbh).

The show led to a cult of personality around the two defense attorneys who tried to exonerate Steven Avery: Dean Strang and Jerry Buting, who still hold on to his innocence. The Sandy Cohen-esque Strang and his beanpole sidekick Buting with their bad suits have become dadbod superstuds who’ve captured the hearts of the rest of America. So more good news if you are a Dean Strang or a Jerry Buting: you might not be able to free Avery, but you can get free food at No. 7 in Greenpoint. (more…)

01/08/16 2:51pm
We know you want this. Image via Carpe Donuts

We know you want this. Image via Carpe Donuts

We can see it now, you on the treadmill or the elliptical, or whatever other machines they have at the gym, we don’t know we never go. You walk out after a hard 20 minutes and then you see it, that window. The one with those round treats covered in frosting. You’re easily tempted and why wouldn’t you be? We’re spoiled with great donut options here. You fight it, but it’s no use. Before you even realize it your standing in front of a cashier whose handing you a bag of donuts. You take a bite. It’s delicious and you savor the enormous amounts of calories and sugar put into this wonderful circle of joy.

If this is you, someone who has an addiction to good donuts, well we’re here to help you with your addiction. Not by making you stop, but by putting you near as many donuts as possible. The first ever NYC Donut Fest is happening and instead of spending $35 on fruits and vegetables, how about you put that money into something you really want. (more…)