Hey Brooklyn, who does your eyebrows?

Note, not everyone can pull this look off.

If you ever find yourself flush with cash and in Tribeca, go spend your windfall on some new eyebrows from Jimena Garcia at Tenoverten salon — she’s a bona fide artiste and just the coolest. (This we know from our heady fashion magazine days.) Alas, if your budget, like ours, is more in the range of the tip at a fancy place like that, where do you go in Brooklyn? We want to make a list of reader-recommended eyebrow joints, so we’ll kick things off with a find from Nikki Jo Grossman’s South Brooklyn beauty guide:

I have been a customer of Raheela’s (1117 Coney Island Ave.,  718-859-3133) eyebrow threading salon for years now and I am yet to find a comparable salon for shaping, speed and price. At $7 for eyebrows and only $1 more if you choose to do your upper-lip at the same time, you’re not finding a better deal. With upward of 7 women performing threading services simultaneously, the wait is usually pretty short. But if you are like me and demand perfection in an eyebrow then I suggest waiting for Raheela herself. You’ll find that most of the patrons there are doing the same.

Do you have a Raheela-caliber eyebrow ace? Tell us in the comments. Thanks!


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  • Marvelous Nails in Greenpoint on Manhattan Ave, just North of McCarren Park does a $6 eyebrow shaping, which includes waxing and tweezing. 

  • Yes — please tell me more about where to get CHEAP, GOOD eyebrow waxing in Manhattan or Brooklyn! Am making a note on the one below..

  • Amazing Eyebrows on Graham between Metropolitan and Anslie. $6 for really really good threading and super awesome ladies who have pride in their business. Get a drink at Basik when  you’re done!

  • I am EXTREMELY picky about who does my hair and eyebrows but ever since I moved to New York, I have only gone to JOY LORRAINE cosmetics to do my eyebrows. The method they use (the razor method) is absolutely painless and gives you the most accurate shape.  The ladies their time to make sure they give you the right shape for your face and are very friendly.  It is only $10 and doesn’t grow back for about 3 weeks.  I LOVE IT.  Its  a cart located on the floor of the Atlantic Mall.  They have some great deals on makeup too.

    • Also, they are so good that sometimes there are lines of people waiting.  But its worth the wait..Everyone always seems to leave happy.

    • Yep, Joy is phenomenal!!! I’ve tried it all- waxing threading, others with a razor, and by far Joy is the best. She is a really sweet woman from Trinidad. Just tell her what you want and she’ll do it! She can be a little slow so just give yourself enough time to wait. It’s worth it though bc I get compliments on my brows all the time

  • ME!  And I get compliments all the time. 

  • Amna at Lucky New York Salon does great threading. She’s brutal, but so worth 10 minutes of pain to look this good. 550 86th Street Bay Ridge.

  • The ladies at Yan Nail Salon, perfect brows for $5.00 Flatbush Avenue and Avenue R. The mani/pedi combo is only $15 bucks, too!

  • im going there 2day lets see how good they really are