BK-based site crowd-sources charity giving

Giving to charity feels like something non-Brokesters do — those people who can have their accountants write this stuff off on their taxes and then go to fundraisers with pearls on, etc. A new organization, CharitySub, is looking to change that image and make do-gooding easier for our kind … for only $5 a month! AND the founders are from Carroll Gardens, so you’ll be supporting your community on two levels. It’s double righteous!

Every month, CharitySub presents its subscribers with three different nonprofits that address a single issue (this month is hunger). After viewing snazzy infographics about the cause, and videos about the organizations, you choose which nonprofit will receive your billz. Following your donation, CharitySub will post updates on all of the cool stuff your money funded. The hardest part is choosing the recipient! (The company says you don’t have the option to opt out for a month if you don’t like the options, but they are working on it.)

If you can forgo one drink a month, you can join CharitySub. The warm and fuzzy feeling you get from donating to a worthy cause is probably a better buzz, anyway.

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