BK Top 5: The best things to do tonight, from sexual cells to hip hop trivia

It's hotter than you know. Photo by Daniel Lahr, via LiveScience

It’s hotter than you know. Photo by Daniel Lahr, via LiveScience

It’s Tuesday, the fifth day of the year, and we’re finally leaving things like 2015’s extended summer and Charlotte Flair being a face and staying home and being boring behind. The easiest way to avoid that last one is to look at the Brokelyn Events Calendar, but especially these awesome things I found on it, which are not just the best picks from the events calendar but the best picks for how to spend your night in general.

Can you name the track list for The D.O.C.’s debut album? Do you know which of his ghostwriters unleashed a furious diss track on Shaquille O’Neal in 2004? Okay so those are very specific, but if you know the answer to those, you’re definitely ready to go dominate Hip Hop Trivia at Friends and Lovers. And even if you know a little less about hip hop, you’ll still have fun having some drinks, hearing some music and maybe even sneaking into the top three and winding up getting a mediocre prize.
8pm, Friends and Lovers, 641 Classon Avenue, Crown Heights, FREE

The world seems to be more wracked by protest than ever before. Not that that’s a huge problem. Still, you might be a little confused as to what all the protests are and what they’re about, so Greg-Jobin Leeds and AgitArte got together to write a book putting the stories and tactics of activists in realms like LGBTQ rights, prison justice and environmental concerns into one book. Tonight, Leeds and AgitArte will talk with a number of activists so you can learn how they’re trying to change the world and maybe even start trying to do it yourself.
7pm, powerHouse Arena, 37 Main Street, DUMBO, FREE

What did people do before the internet? Well, puzzles were really big, but don’t like that means it was a better world. For proof, hit up this talk by Jess Zimmerman tonight at Morbid Anatomy that will detail a puzzle game that drove England to the brink of madness over a three year period, because it promised the person who solved it a golden scepter in the shape of a hare. They dug up the countryside, they sought answers in the Bible, they inundated the author with letters, and all for some gold. So remember that next time some old person is telling you how these modern times are so bad.
7pm, Morbid Anatomy Museum, 424A 3rd Avenue, Gowanus, $7

Ever feel like Canada doesn’t get enough credit around here? Really? Even though we’ve got Montreal bagels people love and it’s gonna be the go-to “threaten to move there” place all over again when Ted Cruz is the Republican nominee? Well in that case, hit up tonight’s Cinema Seance, where three experimental films from our neighbors to the north will be screened for your amusement. Just don’t interrupt the screenings by bursting into “O Canada.”
7:20pm, Court Tree Collective, 371 Court Street, Carroll Gardens, FREE

What are microscopic single-celled organisms doing down in their tiny world we usually can’t see? Are they banging? Turns out that the answer is “Yes, they are banging.” Maybe you have some more questions about that and you’d like to have a drink while you hear the answers. Well tonight Dr. Julia Zichello, an expert in microscopic sex will break down mitosis, your sex life and other reproductive activity we can’t see with the naked eye.
7pm, The Way Station, 683 Washington Avenue, Prospect Heights, FREE