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Trump is definitely a manspreader. Via @

Trump is definitely a manspreader. Via @MajorBigtime.

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New York City finally (unfortunately?) got its own version of Cards Against Humanity.

We learned how to convert your Bernie sign into a Hillary sign.

Austin’s Alamo Drafthouse announced a free outdoor film series in Fort Greene Park!

We went on a seven-day karaoke tour of Brooklyn.

We showed you a tolerable way to tour your tourist friends around Dumbo.

We told you about 10 local indie lit mags, and how to submit to them.

We’re hiring!

This sailboat was the last remaining affordable apartment in NYC.

A street artist added Trump’s face to subway etiquette posters.

We updated our complete list of Brooklyn coworking spaces for 2016.

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(L-R)  Hugh Jackman, Andy Serkis

(L-R) Hugh Jackman, Andy Serkis

“Dinner and a movie” conjures visions of a too-simple date idea for dummies who don’t know how to harness all the wildly entertaining first date ideas in the borough. But here’s one Dinner and a Movie that isn’t for dummies though: in fact, it’ll make you smarter. Brokelyn is partnering with with Think Olio (who offer the classes you wish you took in college) and our friends at Berg’n (one of our Beer Book bars!) for the new Dinner and a Movie Film Series, which brings top professors to the beer and food hall to analyze a classic film, with drink specials.

The first screening will be on June 8 at 8pm with a screening of the gorgeously complex and star-packed Christopher Nolan film The Prestige (yup, that’s the one where Batman and Alfred faceoff against Wolverine and Black Widow, with David Bowie as Nikola Tesla). On hand to discuss it will be Oxford doctorate and BMCC professor Geoff Klock. (more…)

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House of Vans is adding movies to its free show lineup this summer. Photo by Bryan Derballa, via Facebook.

House of Vans is adding movies to its free show lineup this summer. Photo by Bryan Derballa, via Facebook.

How’s your summer calendar looking so far? If you’re keeping track with Brokelyn, it’s already got lots of free outdoor movies, Prospect Park concerts, Riis Beach parties, SummerStage shows and Northside Fest concerts. Now add to that now the House of Vans, which is back for another summer of free shows at its brand extension huge warehouse on the Williamsburg waterfront. The shows kick off tonight with Jon Hopkins, Black Madonna and The Field and continues through July with shows by Neon Indian, Battles, DIIV and more; plus, the venue has partnered with Rooftop Films to hold a few movie screenings this year too. You have to RSVP and the shows are first-come, first-served so expect to wait in a line for the more popular shows. Here’s the full schedule: (more…)

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Alamo Drafthouse is bringing a free, interactive movie series to Fort Greene Park!

Alamo Drafthouse is bringing its famed screening parties, like this Texas Chainsaw Massacre screening in 2011, to Brooklyn. Photo by Mary Sledd via Facebook.

We’ve been waiting years for the fabled Alamo Drafthouse to open in Downtown Brooklyn. We finally got word earlier this month that the Austin-based chain famous for its in-theater dining and drinking would actually be opening this summer. But the Drafthouse is known for more than just getting queso fries and Lone Stars delivered to your seat: It’s also loved for its outlandish and elaborate movie parties (including, famously, Jaws screenings held on a lake). We wondered: Would Brooklyn get some of that fun too?

Well now we have the answer: The Drafthouse announced today it’s bringing a FREE three-movie screening series to Fort Greene Park this year. It starts May 27 with a Bring Your Own Dog screening of the fabulous Christopher Guest mockumentary Best in Show, followed by the Brooklyn debut of its storied Labyrinth sing-along on June 3, where you can sing and dance along to words on the screen. The final film will be a costumes-encouraged screening of Finding Nemo on June 10, a week before the sequel Finding Dory hits theaters.  (more…)

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This could be us but u playin.

Us: A Brooklyn-based website in love with finding ways to make life easier and more fun in one of the most expensive cities in the world. Likes include bar deals, hustler success stories, exploring Brooklyn and smart service journalism; we have a particular soft spot for hot scoops and smart takes (and we love a good joke). You: A sharp writer with good journalistic spider-sense and an ability to harness the Brokelyn state of mind; plus proven leadership skills and a strong writing voice that can match us punch for word punch.

Is this you? Then swipe right, because Brokelyn is hiring a full-time editor for the summer! (more…)

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He's probably expecting a yuuuuuge tip. Via MajorBigtime.

He’s probably expecting a yuuuuuge tip. Via MajorBigtime.

A street artist is adding Trump to subway etiquette posters [Intsagram]
Like all aging Brooklynites, Girls is moving to Bay Ridge
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Why is Detroit so thirsty for Coney Island?

Why is Detroit so thirsty for Coney Island?

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The 2016 free concert schedule for Prospect Park was released!

The era of picking on the G train officially came to an end.

We stood proudly in support of wearing Mom Shorts this summer.

5 Brooklyn bands told us where they nosh after they mosh.

We discussed five non-dating zones more accurate than the Friend Zone.

Cheap art studio space in Dumbo went up for grabs.

We chalked up and tested out the brand-new Brooklyn Bridge Park climbing wall.

Dear Penny discussed how to to be Becky With the Good Hair. 

We learned why hot dogs and diners are called “Coney Islands” in Detroit.

Comedians shared their tips on how to get hecklers to sit their asses down.

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All the jobs I ever had: Comedian, author, furry journalist and former eyeball courier Dave Hill

Dave Hill visited NYC with a duffel bag and never left. Photo by Mindy Tucker.

If it hadn’t been for a trip to New York to visit friends, Dave Hill might still be transporting a tub of eyeballs on the floor of his car around rural Ohio. That was one of the many odd jobs Hill had during a prolonged finding-himself phase that lasted from after college through his 20s until he finally stumbled into some TV writing gigs, stand up shows and an eventual full-fledged comedy career both in front and behind the camera. That phase included moving back in with his parents in Cleveland, who also hired (and paid for) a life coach, getting a record contract, then having to take a blue-collar job when that ride ended. He eventually found himself in New York having beers with authors David Rakoff and Malcolm Gladwell.

“I think I’m a great example of just moving to New York or L.A. or somewhere where things are happening and there’s a lot of activity and you just see what happens,” Hill, who lives in the West Village, told Brokelyn. “I came here for the weekend with zero plans and now I have this career that I never would have expected.”

Now you might know him from any number of places: He’s a regular on @Midnight and Full Frontal with Samantha Bee, a contributor to This American Life, a regular on the New York standup scene and his band Valley Lodge wrote the theme song for Last Week Tonight with John Oliver. He’s also an author, whose second book of essays, Dave Hill Doesn’t Live Here Anymore, came out Tuesday. This is all the jobs he’s ever had: (more…)

05/12/16 3:00pm

The G train is the skinny jeans of the subway system, the artisanal mayonnaise store of public transit, in that it’s the butt of easy Brooklyn jokes, all the good ones of which have been made about eight years ago. Two videos about the G appeared in our inboxes today: The above is a faux-History Channel documentary take on the mysterious G train. “In the history of railroad travel, there is no train more elusive than the G,” the video goes before cutting to person-on-the-street interviews with people making the sort of comments about the G train that they make about a sasquatch. The video is cute and funny enough, as is this other one featuring Brokelyn faves Jo Firestone and Tyler Fischer on a date, which ends abruptly when Tyler realizes Jo lives off the G.

But the time of making fun of the G train needs to come to an end. It’s never been as bad as you thought, it’s not leaving you like the L train is and, unlike your job, it doesn’t force you to go into Manhattan, ever. Let’s celebrate the G train, the tortoise of the subway system: She’s the Gowanus Canal of trains, the pre-2015 Mets of the underground. She might not look like much, but there’s a lot of sturdy potential there to appreciate. (more…)

Get yourself some cheaper artist space, like this Art F City space in Dumbo. Via Two Trees website.

Get yourself some cheaper artist space, like this Art F City space in Dumbo. Via Two Trees website.

Whether you think all real estate companies are reshaping our city in nefarious ways or you’re likely to cut them some slack every now and then, occasionally some of them do throw a bone to the artists who have such a tough time finding places to just exist in the city. Two Trees — the company that essentially made Dumbo into Dumbo — has got one of those bones up for grabs right now. They’re offering artists, nonprofits and community service groups the chance to apply for cheap office and studio space in typically super pricy Dumbo. If you’re chosen, you get a three-year lease for $12/square foot in a building that usually rents for $40/square foot. Some of the tenants taking advantage of that program now include Radio Diaries, Art in General, United Photo Industries and a handful of individual artists. The commercial and studio space ranges from 700 to 2,500 square feet, with Dumbo’s signature natural light and high ceilings. (more…)