11/25/15 9:21am
Sound the horns and ax out your date: the No Office Holiday Party is coming soon! Photo by BibiBooth.

Sound the horns and ax out your date: the No Office Holiday Party is coming soon! Photo by BibiBooth.

Some holiday traditions are better than others. For every marathon of Bob’s Burgers Christmas episodes there’s a marathon of blowhards taking issue with what whether there is enough Jesus spice latte in their chain coffee. For every drunken ugly sweater party, there’s a stuffy office party where you can’t quite get totally turnt lest your name get turnt over to HR on Monday. This is why the No Office Holiday Party is our new favorite holiday tradition, with all the celebration of an end-of-year fete, even if you don’t have an office you go to or don’t even get out of your pajamas for your freelance job.

Brokelyn and our friends at the skint are proud to bring you the fifth No Office Holiday Party on Dec. 17 at Littlefield! It’s a five-year anniversary end-of-year-bonus edition, so we’ll have live band karaoke, our killer photo booth, holiday bling, all with special host Naomi Ekperigin (of Broad City and Difficult People). And tickets are still just $5 (buy them here now)! (more…)

11/10/15 9:33am
Keep Slogans Boring. Photo by Tim Donnelly.

Keep Slogans Boring. Photo by Tim Donnelly.

I spotted this sign about two weeks ago under the BQE in Williamsburg, right down the street between Rocka Rolla and the Capital One bank. I don’t know how long it’s been there but I do know it’s the first time I can recall seeing the “Keep Williamsburg Weird” slogan on display in the neighborhood. This slogan, it needs to be said, is bad. It’s not interesting or unique or particularly helpful, and its arrival is more a sign of a neighborhood’s cultural weirdness entering hospice care than chemotherapy to save it.

Williamsburg is overall not “weird” these days. It is the land, as we learned yesterday, of blonde 20-somethings making reality shows about their brunch plans that seem even too mundane for the calmer quarters of Manhattan. It’s glass-window-lined megabuildings making way for Whole Foods on Bedford Avenue instead of new dive bars. The slogan makes the neighborhood seem desperate, clutching at a civic rallying cry already used in Austin, Portland and elsewhere, but its arrival is understandable.  (more…)

08/28/15 11:00am
We're gonna be Bon Jovial tonight.

We’re gonna be Bon Jovial tonight.

UPDATE: Lakeside is releasing 25 last-minute discount tickets! Enter BROKELYNSUMMER at checkout and rock and roll all night (OK, until 10) for $12 instead of $18. 

All summer long you’ve been faced with a major problem: you don’t have a pool, no one has a lawn big enough for running around in a sprinkler or playing lawn games, and you certainly don’t have a time machine to go back to simpler decade before #squadgoals and Walk the Moon. The good news is tonight we’re bringing you the next best thing: Brokelyn is throwing an 80s splashback party in the middle of the splashpad at Prospect Park’s roller skating rink!

You can splash around and play ladder ball, badminton, Kan Jam or take out some enemies of summer targets on our Super Soaker shooting range. And since we’re partnering with the wonderful Lola Star and her weekly Dreamland roller disco (where the theme is hair metal), admission includes roller skate rentals. Oh and here’s another thing you wish you had all summer: free beer from Brooklyn Brewery, which we’ll have for the first hour, so don’t dawdle!

Here’s everything else you need to know for the party: (more…)

08/21/15 8:57am


The dog days of summer are in full effect and it’s too hot to think about doing much at night other than finding a place for water to wash over your body constantly. Good thing we’ve got the perfect hot summer weekend plan for you: Brokelyn is teaming with Lakeside at Prospect Park and Lola Star’s Dreamland roller disco to bring you Pour Some Water on Me: An 80s Splashback Party!

We’re bringing games and Super Soakers to the splashpad, where you can dance along to the 80s hair metal tunes from Dreamland’s DJ. You’ll want to get there early too: we’ve got an hour of Brooklyn Brewery open bar (while supplies last) to kick off the night! And one more thing: we’re bringing back the legendary all-male wet T-shirt contest(more…)

08/10/15 11:02pm
Let's get slippery before summer's over.

Let’s get slippery before summer’s over.

This summer has been long (but not long enough) and the heat isn’t quite letting up anytime soon, so we know you need relief that doesn’t involve jacking up your A/C bill to Donald Trump levels of absurdity. While we at Brokelyn can’t provide you with a giant borough-sized cooling machine, we can provide two other things: a giant place to get wet, and a time machine that will throw you back to the wet-n-wild 80s for one last romp before summer waves goodbye.

Mark your calendars for Aug. 28: Brokelyn is partnering with Lakeside in Prospect Park and Lola Star’s Dreamland Roller Disco to bring you the first-ever adult’s only takeover of the splash pad at Lakeside in Prospect Park for a night of wet n wild, splishy splashy, not-too-cashy water-based 80s’ dance party! We’ll be joining in the hair-metal theme, plus games, drinks, raffle prizes and more! And on top of that, we’ve got a special discount for Brokelyn readers too. (more…)

07/27/15 1:00pm
full circle bar

via Full Circle Bar

Full Circle Bar
318 Grand St. (between Havemeyer and Marcy)

What it is: The national home of Brewskee-ball, the first-ever national competitive skeeball league, with an epic canned beer selection and no shortage of good times.

Why we love it: It’s a mix of Brooklyn cool and boardwalk fun. Even if you’re not on a Skee-ball league you can roll your luck on one of the four Skee-ball lanes. the fun vibe at the bar is helped by the decorations made of reclaimed old skeeball machine parts and a staff so dedicated to the game they’ve got Skee-ball tattoos. Tuesdays and Thursdays are some of the best cheap nights out in all the land: not only is Skee-ball free those nights, but you get a hot dog or pretzel with every beer purchase! If you live locally, take advantage of the special “sip codes” nights every month, which is an open bar for people in the Williamsburg zips. Bring boardwalk-loving buddies, competitive friends, lovers of canned beer, pun-masters for creating clever Skee-ball team names (ie: M Skee A, the Beaskee Boys, etc.)

What to order: Try one of the copious amounts of rotating canned beers selection or the all-the-time specials like a $6 Genny  and whiskey (aka Whiskee).

Regular tip: The Full Circle gang is responsible for all sorts of summery fun shenanigans, including the annual National Skee-Ball Championship tournament which takes over Knitting Factory, cornhole contests and a summer long deal that lets you hop on a bus and check out a Brooklyn Cyclones game (with some beer included) for a low price. The name of the bar is a reference to a skee-ball term where a player sinks all 9 balls in the 40 point slot.—Tim Donnelly

07/17/15 1:00pm


The Graham
151 Meserole St. (at Graham)
East Williamsburg

What it is: The Graham opens its doors to the neighborhood with totally inviting bartenders and a pretty exquisite happy hour – $2 off everything 3-8 daily.

Facebook • Twitter • Website • Instagram

Why we love it: It’s not too common to walk into a bar and immediately feel like you are one of the crew’s gang. You can go in by yourself and be guaranteed a good conversation with a bartender, or stop in with your friends who, “just wanna dance” on Saturday night for its DJ and dance floor in the back… you could even take your momma out for their Saturday and Sunday brunch. Catch up on your favorite shows here with HBO sunday night screenings.

What to order: Ask for a recommendation from its 30+ rotating craft beers. If you are hungry and finishing up your night, you should note their all-night snack menu totes deviled eggs, cheese and the works. Try a $1 taco from Monday to Friday. Weekend brunch comes with a bloody mary, complete with a meat straw and blue cheese stuffed olives.

Regular tip: The Graham is home to what it claims is the oldest operating pinball machine in New York City: a 1978 Playboy game.

06/19/15 9:20am


143 Havemeyer St. (S. 1st and S. 2nd)

Facebook • Website

What it is: A pinball-lover’s paradise that serves up the good brews and good tunes while you bang those pleasure machines.

Why we love it: Because we’ll take pinball over Big Buck Hunter any day, and Jackbar offers up a pinball selection that’s hard to find this side of the Jersey shore. The 9 pinball machines come from owner Jon Ehrlich’s personal collection, and range from old classics to brand new, state-of-the-art models. If you’re not into the silver ball, the bar also offers up board games and shows old movies on the TV.

What to order: Try one of the 18 draft lines or 15 bottles and cans; upgrade anything to a beer-and-a-shot happy meal for $2. You can munch on some old-school Jiffy Pop here too.

Regular tip: The pinball machines come from the personal collection of owner Jon Erhlich, who also owns Reciprocal, the Manhattan skate shop that doubles as a pinball arcade.

05/12/15 10:14am
Salute your jorts, New York.

Salute your jorts, New York. Photo by Mary Dorn.

Our Brokelyn editorials are few and far between; we reserve them for very special issues that demand a hero, a voice for the common brokester. We’ve recently found ourselves in this position again, as there are dark forces amassing, trying to attack one of the very things we as an organization, as people, as damned hard-working Americans hold dear: Summer. Specifically, fellow dudes, your right to wear as few clothes as possible, which is basically as much the point of summer as enjoying deep communion with the ocean in Rockaway or chugging Brooklyn Summer Ale until on your roof until you kill the part of your brain where the word “snow” is stored. Menacing clouds have been gathering out there for several years, made up of (we can safely deduce) khaki-slathered, tie-choked bros in temperature-controlled board rooms, the same people who maliciously decide to start back to school sales in the middle of July: They want to tell you that men should not wear shorts, ever, calling it some affront to good taste and vague notions about what men are “supposed” to do.

Do not listen to these shameful summer traitors: wear your trunks, your board shorts, your jorts and, yes, even your cargo shorts (if you must) proudly. You didn’t fight your way into being an adult to let some stuffy apocryphal notion of masculinity and decorum impugn your rights to enjoy the shit out of summer while we can.  (more…)

05/06/15 10:00am


Playland Motel,
97-20 Rockaway Beach Blvd
Far Rockaway
(347) 954-9063


What it is: An old clam shack near the site of the old Playland amusement park that’s been turned into an art-focused hotel, and a hip post-beach bar, with a cooler-than-the-Hamptons vibe.

Why we love it: With tropical drinks and music that would feel at home in a Florida cabana, the Playland is the perfect place to chill after the beach to let your sunburn cool. The bar regularly hosts popular DJs at night to keep the beach party going. Even in the off-season, it’s a cozy place to hang by the shore, as Playland Motel is one of those places bringing surf-town prestige back to Rockaway. The adjacent Whit’s End pizza serves up finely crafted brick-oven pizzas too. And check out the hotel rooms if you get a chance: each one is designed by a different artist with varying themes, from Miami Vice to a “blood room.” Bring your sunburned beach crew, people who love to dance, anyone who wants a place to store their surfboard or beach bag while they relax and have a few tropical cocktails or beers.

What to order: The rotating selection of beers always includes standards like Goose Island and Corona; if you’re feeling more tropical, try a cocktail like the red-pepper spiced Atomic Margarita. Soak it up with some food from Bolivian Llama Party, which offers empanadas and sliders.

Regular tip: The motel is named after the old Playland amusement park, which stood near the site from 1902 to 1982. It was originally opened and owned by LeMarcus Thompson, who’s considered to be the inventor of the roller coaster.