02/28/17 11:57am
Make the world your yoga mat. Photo via Brooklyn Bridge Parents

Make the world your yoga mat. Photo via Brooklyn Bridge Parents

Self-care has entered the Zeitgeist yet again, which means that in these dire times people are remembering to be empathetic. Seriously though, neuroscientists now link the center of the brain that controls empathy with the center that controls self-discipline. The theory being, we are taking a moment to walk in the shoes of our future self, doing what would be chillest for them. Every social justice warrior is realizing you have to literally pick your battles, and you’re not a spineless snowflake if you disengage to recharge. You’re a jacked AF snowflake, in my personal opinion.

Self-care is natural and ancient, and even good old Lucy the australopithecine was probably drinking ginger tea and doing sun salutations. In the history of our species, holistic medicines and mindfulness practices excessively predate the rise of the kale smoothie. Language was literally developed to pass on trendy new self-care tips. (more…)

11/18/16 1:23pm
Via Flickr user wasik.

Via Flickr user wasik.

Canada may sound like a chill place to move right now, but I promise that if you can’t handle the polar vortices of a Brooklyn winter, you cannot handle the sting of Canadian expatriation. If you’re still willing and able to consider a change of scenery after this election season, move to a place where your voice will have an impact on the social level, as well as the political.

Instead of buying a one-way ticket to some other idyllic foreign country, consider instead the much cheaper cost (and the ultimate moral high ground) of a domestic flight to a beautiful new home in a swing state where you can actually make a difference! That way, rather than running away from America’s problems like children, or tunnelling deeper into our East Coast bubbles, we can opt to build safer communities all around the country.

While red-state America may be the LAST place some of you are willing to venture, word on the street is that there are indeed some neater spots in Swingtopia, and I’m here to take you to ‘em. And even though some of these places are less diverse than the glorious melting pot that is New York City, if we keep our social justice goggles on I’m sure we can avoid displacing communities when moving across state lines and we can stand stronger together. (more…)

09/21/16 10:00am
'Help yourself' to these affordable, sliding-scale therapy options in Brooklyn and Manhattan

Cartoon by Ward Sutton, via the New Yorker

I grew up thinking that therapy was for rich people who didn’t have decent enough friends or family to complain to about their miniscule problems. I could talk to my parents about almost anything, my friends were there when I needed them, and my sister is the patron saint of listening. Ah, privilege in hindsight is 20/20.

Then I was walking home one night in Brooklyn, and was hit by a car. This caused severe PTSD and many levels of anxiety, and I found my non-believing self in therapy each week. I realized it didn’t matter that I had a solid support system; therapy could be an essential self-maintenance tool.

But even with someone else’s insurance company footing the bills, therapy is damn expensive. So as I consider going back to therapy basically ever day, I’ve reached out to friends, coworkers, and therapists to compile this list of institutions that offer affordable therapy in Brooklyn.

I’ve also included a few in Manhattan, for those of you with a monthly Metrocard. You know I’m not about to spend that soon-to-be $3 on public transportation. (more…)

06/19/16 2:36pm
Via Flickr's Chris Goldberg.

Via Flickr’s Chris Goldberg.

With grad season coming to a close, we collectively find ourselves rapidly approaching the Season of Dad. But Father’s Day, unlike graduation day, seems to have a surprising lack of ubiquitous traditions. Sure, some people may have the luxury of a miniature fire escape grill, or a handsome Ikea toolbox, but prototypical he-man activities don’t quite scream “dad” the way they did before we moved out of our parent’s basement.

So what’s a non-dad dude or dudette to do this day? Recent adults might just be realizing that their friends may have multiple father figures, may have lost the man who was always there for them, or may have become daddies themselves. How can we collectively traditionalize the Day of Dad so that all can enjoy?

I propose any fellow non-dads reclaim this and every third Sunday of June as “Dads for the Day.” Don’t just celebrate your dad bod, swap your PBR for a Bud Light and roll out to soccer practice with your dad squad! Those half-baked puns locked away in your childlike head? Set them free under the groan-producing guise of dad humor instead. Here’s your guide to dadding out in Brooklyn today. (more…)

05/27/16 12:57pm
Note the blanket.

Note the blanket.

With last minute picnic plans in the works for the holiday weekend, and summer fast approaching, it’s high time to start honing your chops in the art of the all-important summer picnic.

Picnics are the ultimate way to get outdoors with food and drink in your hand in the summertime; they cost less than dining on a patio; you can take breaks from the food to play frisbee, stickball, soccer or just take a sunny nap; and best of all, you can bring your dog.

Of course, in order to go full picnic you’ll have to stock up on essentials, so you aren’t just that sunburnt dummy with a wilted salad in a plastic bag, lying on the grass over an unwashed fitted sheet. You need a basket, you need a blanket and you need food. And while it certainly doesn’t take a six-figure salary to picnic, those elements can add up if you don’t know where to look.

Brokelyn to the rescue! We’ve put together a roundup of picnic blankets, baskets and edible bundles for every budget so you can have your picnic and eat it, too. From DIY PB&Js to prix fixe picnic deals, this list is sure to make your Memorial Day weekend one to be remembered. We’ll bet your dog agrees.  (more…)

05/20/16 4:16pm
Come spring, why do we all become Pepe le Pews? via Media Mike's

Come spring, why do we all become Pepe le Pews? via Media Mike’s

It’s around this time of year that my walks through Prospect Park start to feel like live-action softcore skin flicks. It isn’t anywhere close to Fashion Week, but somehow once spring has officially sprung, everyone looks like they belong on the catwalk: confident struts, figures finely chiseled, scantily-clad and giving off that healthy one-month-vegan glow. It’s also around this time of year that I develop the insatiable urge to bone.

After confirming with friends that they, too, experience a sexual upsurge in the spring, I’m convinced there must be some scientific reasoning behind why we’re all more attracted to one another this season. Perhaps you were wondering the same thing? Well, wonder no more! I’ve put together a scientifically-backed list of theories for spring hotness that, in some cases, apply specifically to the pheromones here in New York.

Full disclosure, I am not a scientist. I do have a BFA in Drama from NYU, which I’m sure we can agree means I have some degree of theatrical insight into this citywide spring awakening. Now I’m thinking about Jonathan Groff. Anyway, in what may be a very biased opinion on the root of spring sexiness, here are some theories on why everyone looks so goddamn hot this season. (more…)