04/28/17 4:07pm
Soak up the sun: Brokelyn's 2016 ultimate guide to Brooklyn outdoor bars!

Soak in the sun all summer long at (clockwise from top left) Bar Chord, Our Wicked Lady, Margarita Island and a bunch more bars in our guide.

Folks, it’s been a tough year and it’s only April. Spring is desperately clawing its way into Brooklyn and we’re all wondering whether we’ll see the sun again, literally and figuratively. But fear not. The overcast days are lessening; the temperature is steadily rising. Soon we’ll throw off the shackles of light coats and layers and sit glistening in the heat of summer.

In anticipation of this bright future, we’ve updated our Outdoor Bars Guide! We’re sad to see a couple of our favorite places close (Boulevard Tavern, Sud, and Backyard), but we’re happy to report there are a slew of new places (Smoking Monkey, Brouwerij Lane, Nowadays) for you to get a tan while getting tanked. Team Brokelyn has compiled a comprehensive list of nearly 175 spirited spots across the borough where you can drink outside. From wine bars to dives to every sidewalk seat in between, we’re passing along our notes on each bar’s vibe and spilling our secrets to navigating the drink menu without spending your summer allowance all in one place.

—Conal Darcy (more…)

04/27/17 4:55pm
Photo by Tony Falcone

Photo by Tony Falcone

When you combine the eternal draw of cheap tattoos and the current need to be active somehow, anyhow, in resisting the current presidential administration, the resulting party is bound to be popular. Party to Protect does just this, and on Tuesday the group held their second event since the inauguration, offering discount flash sheet tattoos for which all proceeds were donated to Earthjustice.

The $60 cash-only black ink tats were done all day by four artists from Williamsburg’s Magic Cobra Tattoo Society. Afterwards, there was a party next door. We got a chance to talk to a few attendees about how they felt about the event, about Trump, and their tattoo of choice. Here’s what they had to say. (more…)

04/21/17 3:37pm
Thee Oh Sees at Northside Festival in 2014. Photo via Northside's Facebook

Thee Oh Sees at Northside Festival in 2014. Photo via Northside’s Facebook

Classic summer kick-off Northside Festival is just over a month away, and we’ve got two free premium, all-access badges for every day of the fest for two lucky Brokesters.

The premium badges, which are your ticket into all five days of the festival – Wednesday, June 7 to Sunday, June 11 – retail for over $550, but we’ve got you. Our raffle winners will have access to 150 speakers, 300 bands and exclusive events and parties. (more…)

03/22/17 9:30am
Is posterboard a tax write-off ? via flickr.

Is posterboard a tax write-off ? via flickr.

Time is running out to file our taxes, which means it’s time to stop using our W-2s and 1099s as coasters and try to get our act together. There’s just one problem: We have no idea what we’re doing.

If you’re like us and have been cobbling together your income from various freelance assignments, dog walking jobs, cater-waiter gigs and competitive tickling videos, doing your taxes can feel overwhelming. Rather than risking the tax man’s wrath trying to DIY our own financials, we turned to the pros at Donofrio Inc.

We stopped by their Brooklyn office, where they were kind enough to answer some of our most pressing (and preposterous) tax questions. (more…)

03/17/17 2:55pm
Pic via LIC Flea & Food

Pic via LIC Flea & Food

I’ve got pocket warmers in my pants and most of Brooklyn is currently covered in ice but spring is right around the corner and with it returns outdoor flea markets. LIC Flea & Food will open its fifth season on the weekend of April 8 – 9 (that’s only three weeks away, people) out across the Pulaski and beyond Newtown Creek on the Long Island City waterfront. (more…)

03/16/17 2:50pm
Come make your mark on Brownstoner's Service's page. It wants your love and attention, it told us so personally

Come make your mark on Brownstoner’s Service’s page. It wants your love and attention, it told us so personally

There’s a whole world of home improvement waiting to be sold, and you could be the one for the job. Are you interested in interior design, renovations, and getting to know the hard-working community of locals who makes it happen (AKA electricians, ironworkers, chimney specialists and other Brooklynites who quite literally help us all keep the lights on)? Brooklyn’s leading real estate and home renovation website and our sister site, Brownstoner, is looking to hire a Digital Sales Associate to come work with us in our shared Dumbo office. (more…)

03/10/17 2:54pm
Sure, money doesn't grow on trees, but we've got a quick trick to start planting seeds for a more fruitful financial future. via pexels.

Sure, money doesn’t grow on trees, but we’ve got a quick trick to start planting seeds for a more fruitful financial future. via pexels.

With warm weather coming soon, it’d be nice to have some extra cash for summertime spending – here’s a way to pad your wallet, and fast

Would you be interested in making money, quickly, by giving your feedback on some everyday products?

Marketing research data collection company Focus Pointe Global is seeking people aged 18- to 65-years old – especially those of whom plan on buying a laptop or tablet in the coming months – to talk about technology with them at their Manhattan office.

All you need to do is register online at www.focusgroup.com  and create a free profile. Then you can browse the studies that might interest you, take a screener survey, and wait for someone to contact you!Then, fill out the following survey here.

Hundreds of companies are looking for consumer feedback on upcoming products and have research firms like Focus Point Global conduct focus groups to see what people like and don’t like. By participating in this research group you’ll not only make fast cash, you’ll help give important consumer feedback to companies.

Also, remember to like Focus Pointe Global’s Facebook pages (in NYC and Global) for the newest studies so you can have an opportunity to make more $$$.

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From our annual No Office Holiday Party

From our annual No Office Holiday Party

Picture it: your name, as a byline, at the top of this very page. It doesn’t have to be a dream, let us help you make it a reality.

There are many reasons to want to be a Brokelyn contributor: we get to the bottom of Boro Park’s bus mysteries, we know our cafe camping etiquette, and there’s nothing we love more than an activist bodega cat. We’re a trusted source on hosting a clothing swap, we know how to make a damn fine ramen burger, and association with us will undoubtedly get you invited to rad parties galore. (more…)

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Life is short and as much as you’d like to spend all your waking hours exploring every single bar and restaurant in each neighborhood across the borough, there simply isn’t enough time. You need someone to cut away all the garbage and lead you to the good stuff (and the occasional good stuff hidden behind the garbage). That’s where the Best of Brooklyn comes in: The Best of Brooklyn showdown, brought to you by Dime Community Bank, is coming back for 2017 and nominations have just opened. Your input is needed to make sure your favorite dive bar, first-date-restaurant, vegan bakery and everything else you love about the borough gets the attention it deserves. (more…)