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Suit up for Trump's America. via Evil and Love on Instagram

Suit up for Trump’s America. via Evil and Love on Instagram

The dead of winter isn’t exactly a time when you’re looking to take your shirt off in public, but that’s all the more reason to get in on everyone’s favorite deal: Friday the 13th tattoos.

Yep, the best sale in Brooklyn is back, and covering up your ink now means it’s far less likely to peel and scab in the hot sun as it heals. By the time you unveil it to friends during beach season it’ll be as black as the heart of our presidential administration!

Also, not to alarm you or anything, but there are only two Fridays that are also the 13th in 2017. Will you even be alive by the second one? Who knows! Hashtag Trump’s America. Hashtag ink again. So go to any of these fine tattoo parlors to get yourself some ink for $13 plus a lucky $7 tip (unless otherwise noted). (more…)

01/09/17 2:13pm
This is how the world ends. This is how the world ends. via Institute for Human Learning

This is how the world ends. This is how the world ends. via Institute for Human Learning

Spoiler alert: The world will come to an end on January 20, 2017. The Mayans may not have predicted this one, but considering we’re just one tweet away from nuclear incineration and the guy with his hand on the keyboard has more enemies than Drake would know what to do with, the end was probably coming soon anyway.

But will it come to NYC, you ask? You bet. Our reputation as a tolerant, progressive-minded city exempt from the kind of hate Trump’s rhetoric incites has long since been sullied, and NYC’s friendly neighborhood GOP is still working from the inside to threaten marginalized groups in our community. Add a stalled cleanup of the Gowanus Canal and funding rollbacks on affordable housing to the pile of federal concerns for health care and women’s rights, and you’ve sure as shit got a local apocalypse. Goodbye, cruel world.

He’s a thought: Before we Brooklynites bid the world adieu, each of us ought to seize the opportunity to do something we never had the guts to do in the borough. You know what we’re talking about— calling bullshit on a gentrifying business, riding the Cyclone with slinkies attached to your chest, taking a big ol’ shit in front of a Starbucks… there any number of Brooklyn fantasies you’ve never dared to play out. Until now.

We’ll help you get started with our own Brokelyn Staff bucket list, and then you can chime in with what you’re planning before the world ends in the comments. Here’s what we’d like to do:  (more…)

01/05/17 4:18pm
Via Bushwick Daily.

Via Bushwick Daily.

The phrase “in a warehouse in Bushwick” has gone mainstream [Bushwick Daily]
How to get a sweet rooftop cabin in NYC [BrickUnderground]
Activists are planning a massive women’s strike on inauguration weekend [Gothamist]
Here’s where to find the latest wave of filthy rich in Brooklyn [DNAinfo]
I paid off my student loans and I feel nothing [The Billfold]
Finally, a 30 under 30 list you might be on [New Yorker]
Anyone can be a millennial now! [The Daily Beast]

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A scene from Looking Back. via FB

A scene from Looking Back. via FB

Much as we try to hide it, many of us are transplants to New York City, first-generation Brooklynites trying to prove we deserve to be here. And for the most part it’s easy to go about our days with our heads down, trying to earn our local’s wings so we can forget all about the cities we left behind.

But memories creep in all the same. Memories of your hometown, your high school and the things you thought were forever. Looking back on the past is never easy; even the best memories from your childhood or your teenage years (and if you have those, wow) come packaged with all of the cringeworthy moments that surrounded them. Lucky for you, there’s a play in Manhattan that’ll set you free from your nostalgia.

“Looking Back, It May Not Have Been Ridgefield High School’s Best Production of Our Town,” a new play by Augie Praley, is an evening-length production that does nothing but reminisce. The playwright, who remains onstage the entire time as a kind of live narrator, takes his audience back to a high school gymnasium at his hometown high school, where generations of Ridgefield families performed Thornton Wilder’s Our Town. There’s no real set or props. And while that doesn’t exactly smack of Broadway production value, a lack of accoutrements ends up throwing the generations of high school memories into high relief.

You can catch the thing running every Sunday night at the PIT (123 E. 24th St.) at 8:30pm, from this Sunday (Jan. 8) through Sunday, Feb. 12. The play features our own Sam Corbin and was directed by Isaac Klein, that Billy Joel impersonator you saw in our video last week. So sure, we’re biased. But of all the reasons to end up in the godforsaken Flatiron stretch of Manhattan, this ranks up there as a good one. (more…)

01/04/17 1:50pm
Via Brooklyn Brewery Facebook.

Via Brooklyn Brewery Facebook.

The best of all worlds will collide this month as the first ever Best of Brooklyn Food and Beer Festival gears up to take over Industry City on Jan. 28! Brokelyn readers get a special discount, so for just $25 you can enjoy unlimited beer tastings and discover more than 30 of the best restaurants in the borough.

The foodie-friendly event – which will showcase the best of the best in both food and drink – comes on the heels of this year’s Best of Brooklyn competition, hosted by Brooklyn Media Group, publisher of BrooklynReporter.com, Brokelyn, The Home Reporter, Brooklyn Spectator and Spectator News and several other local outlets. 

In the competition, now in its fifth year, more than 45,000 voters crowned more than 100 winners in categories such as Best Bar, Best Burger, Best Happy Hour and more in a borough which is now known worldwide for the quality and originality of its culinary offerings.

Now, you’ll have your chance to see those winning vendors – and taste their wares – in one place, Sunset Park’s Industry City. (more…)

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bric brooklyn

Photo via BRIC

Sponsored By BRIC.

BRIC is a nonprofit arts and media cultural organization that presents free and low-cost programming to the community.

Created By BlankSlate

There’s plenty of comedic fodder to be found in rapidly gentrifying Brooklyn, as ably demonstrated by Brooklynification, a scripted TV series that recently debuted from BRIC TV. A brownstone version of Portlandia, the six-episode first season pokes fun at mommy-and-me yoga, red-state transplants, real estate envy and the thirst for prewar molding, among other things. (more…)

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Picture your face right in the middle of this handsome bunch.

Picture your face right in the middle of this handsome bunch.

Calling all wallet wizards, discount divas, saintly savers and kings of Kings County: Brokelyn wants you! We’re hiring full-time editors for the new year and we’re looking for people with the perfect mix of local knowledge, reporting skills, keen editing and writing flair to help carry Brokelyn into the future.

Are you someone who loves service journalism and telling real stories about the Brooklyn hustle? Do you have an aptitude for fostering new writers, breaking hot local scoops and taking the piss out of overpriced nonsense? Do you live in Brooklyn? If you checked yes to all of the above, we want to hear from you. (more…)

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Greenpointers holiday market in 2015. Via Greenpointers.

Greenpointers holiday market in 2015. Via Greenpointers.

Last week we rounded up some of the best holiday craft markets in Brooklyn this year; today we’re bringing you news about a market from our friends at Greenpointers that may help you shake off this winter chill. On Sunday, from 1-7pm, sleigh bells and palm trees, snowflakes and sunshine come together in the Greenpointers universe because they’re celebrating this holiday season with beachy cheer, at the Holiday Tropical Market.

Discover beautifully crafted high quality gifts from some of the most talented local artisans and makers while enjoying a day full of FREE fun activities, food, mojitos, mulled wine, and seasonal craft beer in the gorgeous Greenpoint Loft at 67 West St., 5th floor.  (more…)

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Give the gift of beer this holiday. Photo by Cat Wolinski/Brokelyn.

Give the gift of beer this holiday. Photo by Cat Wolinski/Brokelyn.

In these hard times, your friends all need a drink or two or 30. That’s why instead of buying the people on your shopping list or at your office Secret Santa some crap they’ll never use, you should instead give them something they really want: free beer.

We have a limited number of our Queens Beer Books still available for purchase — buy one today to get yours in time for the holidays! Each one contains coupons for more than 30 beers at more than 30 of Queens’ best bars, breweries, restaurants and beer halls for just $30. And if you’re shopping for someone who’s looking forward to the carefree days of summer, you can grab one of our Brokelyn summer tank tops too. (more…)

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Just your regular day getting tattooed in NYC. via IG user @puritythroughobscurity

Just your regular day getting tattooed in NYC. via IG user @puritythroughobscurity

Once upon a time, tattoos were the kind of life-affirming mistake you could afford to make. It was practically a rite of passage for rebellious teens and nihilistic adults alike to walk themselves into a tattoo parlor after a drunken, debaucherous night out and get inked, or at least widespread enough to inspire those verboten signs you see in most parlor shop windows today.

Not so anymore. Nowadays, tattoos are a luxury you’ve got to be especially conscious and sober to make in New York City, and the results of a new study by video marketing app Yeay confirm it. According to their Global Tattoo Trend Index, New York ranks as the third most expensive place in the world to get a tattoo, at an average cost of $224/hour to go under the needle. The only cities more expensive than ours are San Francisco ($280/hour) and Tokyo ($253/hour). We’re so expensive, in fact, that we don’t even make it onto Yeay’s index for “tattoo tourism” — top city for that is Denpasar, Indonesia, fyi — presumably because even the dumb tourists slow-walking through the city know they have it better elsewhere.

Guess we can just add this to the trash pile of things getting too expensive to be worth it in NYC, along with real estate and breakfast cereal.