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Greenpointers holiday market in 2015. Via Greenpointers.

Greenpointers holiday market in 2015. Via Greenpointers.

Last week we rounded up some of the best holiday craft markets in Brooklyn this year; today we’re bringing you news about a market from our friends at Greenpointers that may help you shake off this winter chill. On Sunday, from 1-7pm, sleigh bells and palm trees, snowflakes and sunshine come together in the Greenpointers universe because they’re celebrating this holiday season with beachy cheer, at the Holiday Tropical Market.

Discover beautifully crafted high quality gifts from some of the most talented local artisans and makers while enjoying a day full of FREE fun activities, food, mojitos, mulled wine, and seasonal craft beer in the gorgeous Greenpoint Loft at 67 West St., 5th floor.  (more…)

12/01/16 1:08pm
Give the gift of beer this holiday. Photo by Cat Wolinski/Brokelyn.

Give the gift of beer this holiday. Photo by Cat Wolinski/Brokelyn.

In these hard times, your friends all need a drink or two or 30. That’s why instead of buying the people on your shopping list or at your office Secret Santa some crap they’ll never use, you should instead give them something they really want: free beer.

We have a limited number of our Queens Beer Books still available for purchase — buy one today to get yours in time for the holidays! Each one contains coupons for more than 30 beers at more than 30 of Queens’ best bars, breweries, restaurants and beer halls for just $30. And if you’re shopping for someone who’s looking forward to the carefree days of summer, you can grab one of our Brokelyn summer tank tops too. (more…)

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Just your regular day getting tattooed in NYC. via IG user @puritythroughobscurity

Just your regular day getting tattooed in NYC. via IG user @puritythroughobscurity

Once upon a time, tattoos were the kind of life-affirming mistake you could afford to make. It was practically a rite of passage for rebellious teens and nihilistic adults alike to walk themselves into a tattoo parlor after a drunken, debaucherous night out and get inked, or at least widespread enough to inspire those verboten signs you see in most parlor shop windows today.

Not so anymore. Nowadays, tattoos are a luxury you’ve got to be especially conscious and sober to make in New York City, and the results of a new study by video marketing app Yeay confirm it. According to their Global Tattoo Trend Index, New York ranks as the third most expensive place in the world to get a tattoo, at an average cost of $224/hour to go under the needle. The only cities more expensive than ours are San Francisco ($280/hour) and Tokyo ($253/hour). We’re so expensive, in fact, that we don’t even make it onto Yeay’s index for “tattoo tourism” — top city for that is Denpasar, Indonesia, fyi — presumably because even the dumb tourists slow-walking through the city know they have it better elsewhere.

Guess we can just add this to the trash pile of things getting too expensive to be worth it in NYC, along with real estate and breakfast cereal.

11/29/16 12:00pm
Get your photo booth outfits ready. 2015 No Office picture by BibiBooth.

Get your photo booth outfits ready. 2015 No Office picture by BibiBooth.

Brokelyn and the skint present: The No Office Holiday Party, Brooklyn’s hottest holiday party for everyone who ain’t about that office life (or anyone who just wants to turn up without their boss watching) is coming back for its 6th year on Dec. 9! And it’s on a Friday this time, so we can truly wreck the halls.

Let’s say goodbye to this terrifying garbage fire of a year with style at Littlefield, where we’ll have live-band karaoke from the famous Rock Star Karaoke, DJ Doctor Mister spinning holiday tunes, a holiday photo booth, sexy Santa and Lady Santa, tasty food from Yeah Dawg and drink specials, plus lots of surprises in store this year, including some to help you take out your anger (hint: start saving up all the mean things you ever wanted to say to your boss).

Buy a ticket in advance to save money and get a free tote bag from Artist & Fleas, one of our sponsors. Tix are still just a low low $5 in advance ($8 at the door). A portion of the proceeds will go toward local organizations that will help fight the Trump administration too.  (more…)

11/23/16 12:00pm
We are thankful for these signs. Via @sage.f.a on Instagram.

We are thankful for these signs. Via @sage.f.a on Instagram.

Thanksgiving, America’s national bird genocide holiday, is many things to New Yorkers. It’s the No. 1 day for rolly suitcases on the subway, it’s a molten volcano spewing angry crowds at Port Authority and Penn Station, it’s a two-day visit to your family in New Jersey or Long Island that makes you remember why the hell you got out of there in the first place, or it’s a day to stay at home in the city and be thankful you don’t have to argue at the dinner table with a Nazi Grandpa who lives in a town where Starbucks is the center of liberal culture.

Today, before we close up for the holiday, Brokelyn is taking a minute to recall the things we’re thankful for in NYC. Please refer to this this weekend when you’re trapped at your parents’ house, watching movies on your phone in your childhood bedroom while your parents say things like “but wait, are Jews actually people?” in the next room: (more…)

11/17/16 9:01am
At last, some light in all this darkness.

At last, some light in all this darkness. Credit: Shannon Kirkman, via website

Is Trump’s America going to make Tinder scary now, too? [Man Repeller]

Drool over hardworking taxi drivers in this sexy 2017 calendar [Curbed NY]

The new Broad City merch line makes for ideal NYC holiday gifts to bring home [Fab.com]

Here’s how Facebook decides what passes for “news” these days [NPR]

Brooklyn achieves the singularity with this mason jar-laden “whiskey festival for millennials” [Brooklyn Paper]

What you missed at last night’s “Let’s Get Organized” community meeting in Park Slope addressing Trump’s America [Bklyner]

Those post-its in the NYC subway are still going strong — for now  [WNYC]

Save yourself all that furious typing with this post-election social media etiquette guide [Observer]

11/16/16 5:00pm


Do you have a zest for life and passion for what you do? Do you want to date similarly oriented people? This new awesome dating app developed in Amsterdam might be just what you’ve been waiting for.

The Inner Circle is a “selective dating platform” that vets all the newly registered users, and distances itself from apps like Tinder, Happn, and Once. (more…)

11/04/16 2:28pm
New York's a bummer, but we have solutions. via @huenemejen on IG

New York’s a bummer, but we have solutions. via @huenemejen on IG

Social media has played a bigger role than ever before in the 2016 election cycle, and it follows that we of the voting public have suddenly become adamant about sharing the details from our side of the ballot. The rise of the ‘ballot selfie’ has certainly been one of the more curious runoff issues from this year’s election, and watching three separate petitions to have them allowed in New York get shot down by a judge is equally uncanny.

In practice, yes, ballot selfies are bad. They hold up the voting line, add to the growing landfill of election-themed internet trivium, and seem to compromise the integrity of the democratic process by allowing the Sauron eye of the internet into a judgment-free space (which a curtained voting booth is certainly meant to afford).

But the idea of a ballot selfie is a good one. It’s a less wasteful “I Voted” sticker you can wear proudly on social media, not to mention a handy tool to help you shame those who chose not to vote this year. And Brokelyn is nothing if not the bad influence your mom warned you about, so we’ve compiled a list of sneaky above-the-law alternatives to the ballot selfie you can feel free to use as proof of your vote this coming Tuesday. (more…)

10/28/16 12:06pm
Greenpointers Holiday Market 2015.

Greenpointers Holiday Market 2015.

Cozy up and celebrate this Fall season, Urban Frightfest style, with warm libations, food, live music, FREE fun activities, while discovering unique locally crafted items this Sunday (Oct. 30th) from 1-7pm at the Greenpoint Loft.

Wind down from the weekend’s Halloween festivities or warm up before Trick or Treating by hanging out in one of Greenpoint’s most beautiful historic spaces, restored to its pre-war glory. The Greenpoint Loft was once the home of America’s largest rope manufacturer and is now a private event space with views of the East River and Manhattan skyline that is open to the public during our markets! (more…)

10/25/16 8:27am

Fill out your thoughts on some focus group topics and you can walk away with some easy cash.

The department store’s soundtracks don’t lie: the holidays are coming. As the holiday season kicks into gear in the coming weeks, we all begin to feel the impending doom that’s about to wreak havoc upon our bank accounts. We all hope to buy gifts for everyone on our lists without having to sacrifice rent money. But our bank accounts might not be on the same page. Don’t give up on your holiday goals just yet, because there’s a super easy way to score some serious spending cash this season.

Hundreds of companies are on the lookout for consumer critiques on their products and ready to pay a pretty penny for them. So they come to other companies such as Focus Pointe Global to conduct their focus groups on anything from television shows, new products, and even, our personal favorite, food taste tests. You can score $75 for a one-hour focus group. That translates to you, making a bunch of cash, for just telling companies what you think of their products or watching a new show (and sometimes even getting to try some new free food). Here’s how to get involved:  (more…)