02/07/17 11:17am
John Early and Kate Berlant went from Brooklyn comedy shows to Vimeo's new 555. Via Vimeo.

John Early and Kate Berlant went from Brooklyn comedy shows to Vimeo’s new 555. Via Vimeo.

John Early and Kate Berlant are a comedy duo of odd and odd that add up to a perfectly symmetrical monolith of millennial anxiety. Often, two high-energy performers will compete with each other while sharing stage or screen, but not these two. One’s flamboyance complements the other.

For years, John Early has been honing his sharp comedic wit that often takes aim at the self-aggrandizing antics of the social media obsessed generation. He’s perhaps best known lately for his character Elliott in Search Party on TBS, a particularly manipulative and narcissistic Brooklyn hipster who joins a band of friends in their search for a missing person.

Kate Berlant likewise has been channeling her sensitivity to the human desire to be something, to be taken seriously into her stage persona, notably her monthly UCB (the one in LA, sorry New York) show Communikate and her memorable performances on the Netflix series The Characters, also featuring John Early.

Together they form a sort of Voltron of Gen Y frustration, finding themselves powerless against the current of time and the facts of life despite being incredibly smart and informed, perhaps too smart and informed for their own good, and making it funny. Really damn funny. I had the pleasure of seeing both of them individually back when they were lighting up the Brooklyn comedy scene. They’ve since relocated to Los Angeles but continue to convert 20/30-something angst into complex characters with equal parts ridiculousness and pathos. If you’ve been enjoying the Brooklynite-skewering shenanigans of Search Party, check out the duo’s new Vimeo series 555. (more…)

12/13/16 12:13pm
Yoga-tta try this: 6 yoga studios in BK that offer free classes in exchange for work

Work from Om at places like Sacred Brooklyn. via IG user Lauren Benson

Now is the winter of our discontent. We’re approaching the literal darkest time of year in terms of sunlight and the darkest time for our country in less than one month. This time of year is when we are at our most vulnerable to fatigue, seasonal affective disorder and bad habits. You may be looking for new ways to cope that aren’t self medicating, denial or distraction or walking slowly into the ocean.

Well, yoga can be a fantastic way to check back in with yourself and regulate your mood. But it’s also expensive, and if you’re reading this, it’s probably safe to assume you’re broke. Fortunately, there are a handful of yoga studios right here in Brooklyn, in a variety of styles, that offer work study programs, which means that if you have a little more time than you do money, you can put in a few hours of work a week in exchange for free, yes FREE yoga classes! (more…)

02/12/15 1:34pm
david cross hits

It’s like looking at your own reflection up there. via Facebook

You go to a movie theater to see a plain old 2D movie, and you’re looking at spending $15. Hold on though, you need that $15 for like ten hours of rent. You pirate a movie and then you’ll have to enter into a contentious moral debate that got boring when Napster was still a thing.

David Cross, known to most as Tobias Fünke, and to others as a ground-breaking sketch comedy performer, is about to release his first feature film Hits via BitTorrent Bundle this Friday, for a price of I dunno, whatever. (more…)

01/27/15 9:15am

Why go out into this when Netflix calls?

So, looks like it finally decided to be winter all of a sudden and the whole eastern seaboard has been hit by a wintery wallop. Odds are with the subway shutdown you’re “working from home.” Congratulations! Time to clean the apartment, do some yoga, meditate, catch up on your reading, call your parents. Just kidding. Netflix time! Anything but work really. If you’re one of those people who helplessly scrolls through the myriad of titles, paralyzed with indecision, waste no more time. Here are some top notch movies and series to get you through the next day or two: (more…)

01/16/15 9:30am
sean casey animal rescue

Look at this cool guy you can hang out with, he doesn’t care it’s winter. via Facebook

The dark void of winter’s short days is upon us full force. It looks and feels pretty bad out there, but if you were considering just giving in to S.A.D., we have a solution. Nothing can chip through the winter blues like exercise and a dog smiling dumbly up at you. Even if , like so many people in Brooklyn you can’t swing the financial and spacial needs of a dog, you can still get your dog time for free by volunteering to walk orphan dogs who need a little love and socialization.

Take an afternoon break from work if you freelance, come by after work if you’re a 9-5er. Take a break from catatonically staring under your eyebrows out the window like Jack in The Shining if you’re unemployed. Bring a date, I mean, HELLO? A needy dog? That’s going to melt your date’s heart faster than the ice caps! If your love for animals doesn’t compel you perhaps your libido will. Brooklyn is home to three animal shelters that host ample dogs who need your love, so whatever your reason to walk one, you get your dog time and some time out of your apartment, the dog gets its people time and everyone wins. (more…)

02/13/14 11:19am
big fan

If you haven’t seen Patton Oswalt in Big Fan yet, a snowstorm is as good a time as any.

So, you’re snowed in during Winter Storm Pax, which for the record, is not related to the more favorable Pax. Well, once you’re done posting on social media as if you’ve never seen snow in winter before, here are some cozy movies to cuddle up with, provided the icy tempest doesn’t down your internet signal. I chose a list of 3 films each from 3 different stream platforms, a bit of comfort, a bit of moody-broody, and a few of my personal favorites that rise above the muck.  (more…)

10/29/12 2:37pm

Good advice.

Not working because of a hurricane is fun. Being cooped up for two, maybe three days, eh, not so much. Don’t despair! This is New York, the toughest city in the country. You’ll get through it the same way generations of New Yorkers have gotten though everything: drinking and complaining indoors. Should you be blessed during this storm with electricity and internet, I present you with a list of top notch Instant Watch picks to pass the hours. You could read a book also, but come on, that’s a last ditch way to entertain yourself. (more…)

07/30/12 7:30am

Leslie Stein with her book Eye of the Majestic Creature, published by Fantagraphic.

Scrappy, independent artists have always been drawn to indie comics because of the their solitary nature — the cartoonist will usually be the writer, artist, editor, and sometimes even the publisher of his or her work. But being a cartoonist almost guarantees having a tight belt — you don’t even typically get all that rich working in mainstream comics. How to make it all work? To find out, I interviewed three well-known indie cartoonists based in Brooklyn: (more…)