Tonight: Will ‘Williamsburg’ wow CBS? Or will we see BS?

An actual photo from 2 Broke Girls. Photo by Monty Brinton/CBS.

Tonight, we know you’ll be turning on your CBS to catch the premier of the guy who invented the trucker hat on the show that gave Topper Harley all that drug money. But stick around after to see CBS give some screen time to something that never gets attention whatsoever: Williamsburg! Specifically: broke young people in Williamsburg! So, this brokester can’t watch the premiere of 2 Broke Girls tonight at 9:30 (8:30 central) due to not owning a TV due to aforementioned brokeness, but our contributor Ariel Karlin did a point by point comparison of the pilot episode. If you watch tonight, what did you think? Will the plight of broke people in Brooklyn have a future on TV? Or does it turn out you all actually own horses, and Brokelyn has done its job and can close up shop?

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