BK Filmmakers Collective looking for new members

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That could be the back of your head!

So you’ve been reading up on girls who are just killing it around here, and you’ve realized you should get off your butt and get hustling. We agree! And if you’ve been hammering away with attempts to break into the film world, your breakthrough could be just around the corner, because the Brooklyn Filmmakers Collective has a few new membership spots open.

The BFC is a group of professional filmmakers who get together to show their work, critique it and even talk about how to get it out there to a wider audience. How do you know they’re good? They had 17 films in the Northside Film Festival this year. So basically, a much better way for you to figure out if your film is good than showing it to your friends and having them shrug and say “Yeah, it was like, good I guess.”

Of course, if you do want to join this prestigious, successful group, you have to prove you actually know how to make a film. So when you send them your application, they’ll also want the best works you’ve done in which you had complete creative control. It can be one or two films, but no longer than 10 minutes. There’ll be plenty of time to show off more of your work once you actually get in.

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