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Your chance to own a tiny piece of the floating East River pool

The closest some of you will get to women in bikinis. HEY-O!
The closest some of you will get to women in bikinis. HEY-O!

So despite the fact that it will never be summer ever again, everyone was very excited about the prospect of the floating East River pool. Of course, something like this takes just a little bit of money to construct, so the people behind it are turning to Kickstarter, and giving you a chance to immortalize your name, for as long as the pool last anyway, by giving you the chance to buy a tile in it.

The first step in building the pool is the previously mentioned test pool that +POOL would like to put together this summer. That will make sure they can test the filtration system and make sure that people swimming in filtered East River water don’t catch some previously unknown version of gonorrhea. So, kind of like a temple selling pieces of stained glass or a cash-strapped baseball team selling bricks in a fanwalk, +POOL will allow you to buy a tile that helps put the pool together with your name or message on it. It starts out at $25, which doesn’t sound so bad for being able to take somewhere there and point to your tile and say “Hey! That’s me! I did that!”

At a minimum, +POOL is looking to sell 1,400 tiles so that they can fund the construction of the test pool this summer. On the optimistic side, if they sell 5,000 tiles they say they can build their custom filtration system and test it early. Of course, there’s obvious concerns that you might commit to this and see the pool never get built, but hey, the old “If you believe that, I’ve got a bridge I can sell you” needed a modern update anyway.

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