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You have until the end of the day to get a 50% off 3rd Ward membership

TODAY TODAY TODAY (via Facebook)
They’ll teach you to dance, for cheaper (via Facebook)

Good news for all you budding artists, creative types and savvy business minds out there: all-encompassing East Williamsburg community art space 3rd Ward is offering half-off memberships, but the discount ends TODAY, so you only have a few hours to finally afford  that intensive woodworking class you’ve been lusting after all these years. Hear that, IKEA? I’m going to build my own goddamn dresser, so you can keep that Malm crap all to yourself . (Note: I will still eat your meatballs)

Basic membership usually runs about $100 a year, but for a limited time you can snag an annual membership for just $49. The discount applies to their basic membership, allotting you 20 percent off all classes, like Introduction to Sewing, Intermediate Jewelry and Introduction to Metalworking. And if those don’t sound appealing, 3rd Ward’s got a pretty extensive range of courses, offering lessons on everything from bookkeeping to vegetarian cooking to creative writing to basic computer programming.

Best of all, 3rd Ward’s super fun Drink-and-Draw events are free for all members; they give you beer and a live nude model, and you drink and make a drawing. Alcohol, art and nudity, all free! Sign up now. SIGN UP NOW. 

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