You can haz job as BuzzFeed’s associate animals editor

We always preferred Keyboard Cat to Grumpy Cat
We always preferred Keyboard Cat to Grumpy Cat

What do you do at work all day? The thing that you’re paid to do by your bosses? Haha, you’re reading this, so that’s obviously untrue. When you’re not reading Brokelyn, how else do you goof off? It wouldn’t happen to be by making image macros of adorable animals, would it? Because there’s finally a way for you to monetize that goofing off, as BuzzFeed’s Associate Animals Editor.¬†

Yes, if you were the kind of person who was all about the slow loris or the LOLrus before all your friends were…well, first maybe don’t brag about that, at least not anywhere but your job application. Be sure you’re also good at social media and that you understand why those stupid animal pictures get popular. But if you do, you get things like stock options and you work in one of those hip internet offices, as seen on the popular television program¬†Girls.

Keep in mind though, that this will be a job. So who knows, you could end up sick of surfing around Reddit and Tumblr and end up making spreadsheets when you’re supposed to be making GIFs. And wouldn’t that be ironic?

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