Get your body movin’: Celebrate the Beastie Boys’ MCA in the park named after him this year

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Love and respect to the end. Via FB.

Ever since his untimely death, Brooklyn has celebrated Adam Yauch with one of our best new holidays, MCA Day. One of our best, we say, because it’s mostly a good excuse to hang out and listen to the Beastie Boys with other people who loved the group and what MCA stood for. The last couple of years, the celebration has been held at Littlefield, but the organizers must be sick of being indoors after that long winter, so this year’s MCA Day is taking place in the park named for the man himself.

If you haven’t been to Adam Yauch Park yet, Sunday’s MCA Day festivities are as good a reason as ever to finally check it out. And if you have been there before, well then obviously there’s no reason you can’t go back. Especially when the park will be full of people looking to celebrate MCA by hanging out, shooting hoops and listening to some music on a spring day with forecasts calling for sunny skies and a high of 72. Just don’t show up with the wrong kind of Brass Monkey, that would be mighty embarrassing.

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