They Might Be Giants playing a free show tonight!

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Sadly not appearing: the Tiny Toons

They Might Be Giants: Quixotic declaration of accidental existential profundity? No, stupid! We’re talking about the awesome Brooklyn-born band! This writer was first exposed to them, probably like many of my age, in the bizarre Tiny Toons music video episode which featured massive TMBG hits Istanbul (not Constantinople) and Particle Man. A middle-school friend of mine was obsessed with them, which led to my first ever concert, a free TMBG show at Catholic University (back before Y2K could even be imagined). Those were heady days. Alas, there’s no way to relive them… Unless of course you go to their free show next Tuesday at Academy Records.

What’s that, Facebook Fairy? They Might Be Giants just announced a surprise show next Tuesday at 7pm? At Academy Records (96 North 6th Street, Williamsburg) in Brooklyn? FREE?! Ladies and Gentlemen, we’ve found the Fountain of Youth and it’s corporeal form is mid-90s cult-favorite bands. Eat that, Ponce de Leon. You can go home again. And just to get you warmed up, here’s that Tiny Toons video:

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  1. the last time I saw tmbg was a free in store they played at tower records on sept 10, 2001. I’m too superstitious to go to this show.

    that said, the tiny toons thing is how I got into them too, and I was -real- into them for a while. it’s also part of how I got into the Internet, cause I was all about online tmbg fan clubs.

    so now you know that about me, Internet.

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