Give a restaurant its wings, and three other Brooklyn-based Kickstarters worth your money

brooke street wings
It’s not every day someone gives you food as a reward for a Kickstarter donation, but here we are.

There are a lot of brilliant ideas out there with meh funding (the tunnel we wanted to dig from our houses to Disney World chief among them), which is a shame, since there are also so many meh ideas with brilliant funding (capitalism). Check out these four Brooklyn Kickstarters that all have neat plans but could use a little push.

Brooke Street Wings
If you’re like us, you wish people said thank you more often by handing you chicken. Most of the thank yous for pledging to Brooke Street Wings’ campaign come in the form of chicken, and we really appreciate that someone out there gets us. Adrian Patten, one of the proprietors behind Brooke Stree Wings has, a pretty extensive background in the deliciousness business, including as the manager of Eataly. He promises “good quality food with a social conscience” and says a portion of sales will go to sickle cell anemia research and to beautifying East Flatbush, where Brooke Street will call home.

Eat Beer
You know how sometimes you eat solid foods, only to stare off wistfully, thinking “this is nice and all, but it’s just not beer.” The creators of the beer cracker have been there and need help with their flaky solution. They have three varieties of beer-infused crackers which include wheat pilsner with flax seeds, barley stout with sesame seeds, and rye cider with millet and poppy seeds. You know this is good because it’s the brainchild of the people behind beloved bocce and booze spot Floyd’s. We trust these will all be better than cracker-flavored beer, which is what the dregs of light beer taste like to us.

The Public Radio
We were hesitant about a single-station radio until we read its founders refer to it as “radio monogamy,” which makes us think of penguins running a radio station, which will always earn our immediate blessings. The Public Radio is built inside a mason jar and has a single on-off/volume dial since it only broadcasts one preset station that you choose.

Sky Line: The Space Elevator Documentary
Wouldn’t it be cool if there was an elevator to SPACE? While this Kickstarter doesn’t fund that elevator, it’s for a documentary about the people who have been trying to make it happen. This movie (and elevator) looks super cool so with your help, there’ll eventually be more than a two-minute trailer. 

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