Win two VIP tickets to party with Type A, B, AB, and O personalities at the Blade Blood Rave

BYO vampire teeth. Please control yourself if you're a real vampire
BYO vampire teeth. Please control yourself if you’re a real vampire

New York Comic Con is almost upon us again, and among the standard convention panels, previews, cosplayers, and what we can only assume will be an overabundance of Star Wars exclusive trailers, comes an event that perfectly marries NYCC to the spookiest month of the year. BBQ Films, the folks behind this past April’s sold-out, multi-night Empire Records phenomenon, are bringing Marvel’s pre-Phase 1 cult classic, Blade, to life with a no-kidding vampire blood rave at Terminal 5. Yes, you heard right: There Will Be Blood.

The tribute to 1998, or as I like to call it, the year of Stephen Dorff (not counting 1987’s The Gate), will happen on October 9, and will feature a screening of Blade, but anyone who knows BBQ Films knows it doesn’t end there. They specialize in interactive movie experiences, which in this case means an actual rave headlined by The Crystal Method, among other electronic artists, actors roaming the floor re-enacting scenes from the movie, sword fighting demos, raffles, and mystery special guest appearances. Oh yeah, and there’s going to be a “splash zone.” The best news though, is that you can be there for free!

Listen, we were worried when we saw “Terminal 5,” too! Anyone who knows Brokelyn knows how much we hate that place. Every year our favorite artists announce they’re coming to NYC and we collectively lose our shit (Sleater-Kinney, anyone?), but then we hear they’re performing at the bane of New York’s music scene: a former club near only a BMW dealership on the West side, where you feel like you don’t even have a chance at seeing the stage and bros are constantly crowding you out of the bar? FUN. Time after time, I’ve described T5 as a bad version of Zion from The Matrix (and that was bad enough). So, why recommend it? In short, because Terminal 5 was made for a Blade Blood Rave.

With action taking place all around and everyone part of the party, who needs to see the stage? Trust me, no one will be crowding anywhere for a glimpse of The Crystal Method, unless it’s to sign their old video games. And New York’s Comic Con isn’t exactly heavy on the bro crowd. Proceeds from the event (as with all BBQ Films events) go to charity, plus this promises to be the first big party of the Halloween season. You finally have an excuse to bust out your leather jackets and file down your incisors! What better way to reunite with your old Goth friends from yesteryear and invite them to trip like you do?

You can still purchase your tickets here, or even better, win 2 free VIP tickets! Just sign up for our mailing list by noon tomorrow. One winner will be selected to go with a special, blood-filled +1. It won’t just be good…it’ll suck. That’s a vampire joke, guys.

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