Win tickets to see this charming band cover Morrissey at BAM, Mexican-style

Este hombre encantador

Given that he’s seen as about as dour a singer as they come, you might be thinking that there isn’t a supergroup of Mexican musicians who are out there recording joyous Mexican-style covers of the man’s solo efforts and Smiths songs. Well, turns out you’re wrong, because Mexicans LOVE Morrissey and one talented group of Mexican musicians loves him so much that they came together to form Mexrrissey, so they can show that love with cover songs. Intrigued? We thought so, and what’s even better is that Mexrrissey is playing BAM this weekend. What’s even better than that is that you can win a pair of tickets to see what is sure to be an awesome occasion.

Mexrrissey takes the stage at BAM on Sunday, and usually it would cost you $35 to see them. Maybe you have $35, but maybe you’d rather spend it on drinks and food (which if we’re going for style points should be some kind of Mexican vegan options) at the concert. In that case, the folks at Mex in the City have you covered. Just shoot them an email (info [AT] by May 6 and let them know what your favorite Morrissey or Smiths song is. That’s it? That’s it! No word on whether they’re picking at random or based on the excellence of your selection, but make sure you pick a good one since they’ll have that email o yours forever. Our pick is “London,” so please don’t email that choice to them because we’d like to do that.

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