Win $25,000 worth of rent for a year, with very little catch

T.H.E.Y say they’re no such thing as a free lunch, and their statement remains one of the more factual statements ever uttered. However, no one ever said anything about free rent, which apparently does exist. Bro’s guide to life Thrillist and New York Magazine have teamed up to give one lucky new Thrillist subscriber $25,000 for their rent for a year. Sucks to be you, current subscribers. And you don’t even have to READ the Thrillist emails, you can just delete them immediately! $25,000 sounds like a lot of money, but what would $2,000 or so/month  get you if you won? I turned to the very useful Brokelyn real estate listings and the slightly less useful Craigslist real estate section to find out.

All of the apartments listed below rent for $2,000 a month, which will help you use up that $25K without moving to Manhattan:

New Red Hook construction

Red Hook is nice and so is having a balcony. Having three bedrooms to yourself is even nicer. The listings also promises a Jacuzzi, which, eh, just sounds like a way for you to really get carried away with the whole “feeling like an idle rich person” thing.

Carroll Gardens charming one-bedroom

This one-bedroom is located in a prime area, near restaurant row on Smith Street, so you could spend the entire year eating well without ever having to cook. Presumably it doesn’t come with all the displayed clutter.

1 bedroom + den in Gowanus

Live in luxury in a Superfund! Actually, with the exposed brick and the breakfast bar, I can’t even lie, all the toxins in the world wouldn’t be much a deterrent for living here. Unless of course you couldn’t use the breakfast bar as a regular bar.

Luxury studio in Park Slope

Then again, why would you let your friends have all the fun complaining about their cramped apartments when you could just get a studio and still pay three times as much as them? The roof deck and yard do sound nice though.

Huge, Renovated Apartment (East Flatbush)

If what you’re really after is space, how about getting a four-bedroom place all to yourself? You could fill a whole room with the movies you’d actually pay for instead of downloading, since you’ll have all that extra spending money.

Bright and sunny 1 1/2 bedroom

Or, why not get yourself the top floor of a townhouse near Pratt and declare yourself “Lord (or Lady) of Pratt” and stop college students and demand tributes? After all, this is possibly your only opportunity to act like an eccentric billionaire.

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