Make things? Win $10K in the American Made contest

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Martha Stewart: fan of the Flea, and and artisans all over. Photo by Mark S. Bernal.

You’ve got a great, or at least good, local business. You’re entrepreneuring your heart out, but you could still use a little help getting over the hump. Hey, know you loves people who make things, be they food, crafts, or even gardening designs? Martha effing Stewart. And now with her American Made contest, she’ll give you ten thousand bucks to help your business along if you win. So enter it, maybe?

If you have a business in the category of food, craft, design, style, garden or tech, you can fill out the entry form that can be found here. From there, you’ll be entered into a veritable Hunger Games (note: no physical combat required) in which a national audience will vote online on the businesses they like the the most. If you win your category, you’ll get yourself a fancy gift basket, get featured on the American Made website and get to appear on Martha Stewart’s Sirius show. And from those six finalists, a champion will be crowned and that champion will get $10,000 and a feature on So, nominate yourself if you’ve got a business, or tell a friend with one to go and nominate themselves. Because really, why should someone get away with your $10,000?

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