Why I would not walk a mile in Christian Siriano’s shoes

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When we heard that Christian Siriano’s new line for Payless was out, we had to check it out. We love when designers collaborate with discount retailers, even if everyone knows you’re really wearing Payless or Target, not anything legitimately fancy. Plus, he lives in Williamsburg. (Holla Chris! Do you read Brokelyn?) At the Atlantic Center store, they only had the Micola black, white and red swirly flats ($29.99) and the Geneva black peep-toe boots ($49.99) in my size. I tried on the boots first. While they’re a little too fierce for my wardrobe, they fit comfortably enough. After a few laps around the store, nothing rubbed the wrong way or poked me in a weird place. The flats, on the other hand, were a hot mess, and not in a good way, which is too bad because they are really cute, both in the print and in gold, right down to the turquoise piping around the insole. I took a few steps in them and the way they rubbed against my heel I practically had a blister before I could get them back in the box. And stiff fabric in shoes like these, you can’t break in. So is it just me, or has anyone actually successfully walked more than eight feet in these things?

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  1. Love the shoes but he seems to have a problem with colored shoes. Why do we have to crave for colors like green and by that I mean any shade. Navy,yellow,purple..your colors are limited and very boring. We live in the Caribbean, so its always summer….some colored sandals would do us well. Be more creative and think outside the FREAKING BOX.

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