Where to vote in Brooklyn tomorrow

Sandy be damned, we will vote tomorrow!! Photo by Tom Giebel.

This past week we’ve all been a little distracted by that brat Sandy and the amazing and inspiring outpouring of volunteer relief efforts in her wake. But the election that will shape the next four years of our lives and the future of this country is TOMORROW! If you keep your permanent residence out of state, you can still file an absentee ballot until 5pm today. If you are registered to vote locally, many polling sites have been changed due to Sandy’s wrath. Here are the changes for Brooklyn residents.

[If your poll site was] PS 15 New, 71 Sullivan Street → [you will now vote at] PS 27, 27 Huntington Street

PS 211 JHS, 1001 East 100 Street; AND PS 279, 1070 East 104 Street → Canarsie HS, 1600 Rockaway Parkway

Polling site for all of the following original locations has been moved to: Abraham Lincoln High School, 2800 Ocean Parkway Brooklyn, NY 11235
Wm Grady Voc HS
, 25 Brighton 4 Road
CO-OP, 2770 West 5 Street
CO-OP, 2785 West 5 Street
CO-OP, 2820 Ocean Parkway
Shore View NH, 2865 Brighton 3 Street
CO-OP Bldg 5C, 545 Neptune Avenue

PS 90, 2840 West 12 Street → PS 100, 2915 West 3rd Street

The Waterford on the Bay, 2900 Bragg Street → Bay Academy-IS 98, 1401 Emmons Avenue

Polling site for all of the following original locations has been moved to: PS 370, 3000 West 1st Street, Brooklyn, NY 11224
Liberation High School, 2865 West 19 Street
Coney Island, 3030 Surf Avenue
PS 288, 2950 West 25 Street
PS 329, 2929 West 30 Street
O’Dwyer – NYCHA Project, 2945 West 33 Street
Chapel, 3716 Surf Avenue
Sea Rise Apts, 2750 West 33 Street

John Jay HS, 237 7 Avenue → PS 282, 180 6 Avenue

Park Slope YMCA, 361 15th Street → PS 154, 1625 11 Avenue

Bklyn United Methodist, 1485 Dumont Avenue → Apt Bldg, 790 Eldert Lane

Bishop Henry Hucles, 835 Herkimer Street → PS 28, 1001 Herkimer Street

Home Of The Irish, 2750 Gerritsen Avenue; AND Hall, 43 Seba Avenue → PS 272, 101-24 Seaview Avenue

You can also utilize the poll site locator on the NYS Board of Elections website or smartphone app.

But will people be able to get to the polling stations? The news is saying “the burden is on the voter.” As the poignant New Yorker cover illustrates, it won’t be easy. But if there’s anything we have shown this week it’s that nothing can cripple the determination of this community to work together for our future. Stay tuned for updates about volunteers helping to get out the vote. And don’t forget there are lots of election watching parties around Brooklyn to get a pre-celebratory/just in case buzz going tomorrow night.



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