The Brokelyn Beer Book is back! What bars do you want in version 3.0?

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Hey Brooklyn, time to get your drinking faces on for the upcoming return of the Brokelyn Beer Books! For those of you who missed them last time, it’s a book with coupons good for one beer at each participating bar, bars we carefully curate for awesomeness. This is a pretty sweet deal, because other than those small Bud Lights at the bodega that make you feel like a giant, where else can you get a beer for a buck? Yeah, Brokelyn has your back, but we also want to hear from you: what places should we include in this edition?

We’ve got our eye on some groovy bars out there, but we also want to know where you would like to drink for free. A place with ten thousand taps? Your favorite dive? Here are the 30 we had in the previous books, bars like Mission Dolores, Rocky Sullivan’s, the Brazen Head and Berry Park. Want to see any make a glorious return? Is there one we missed that we just have to include? Tell us in the comments!

If you don’t want to miss out on the opportunity to buy one of these babies when they hit the open market, sign up for our email list, the box in which to do that being conveniently to your right. Warning: they sell fast. As in a few hours. Watch this space for more details.

If you are a bar owner with a venue you’d like to suggest for the book, please shoot an email to brokelyn (at) For Beer Book sponsorship opportunities, email brad (at)

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  1. Some Greenpoint bars would be nice. Lulu’s, TBD, Diamond, Keg and Lantern, Matchless, and/or maybe even Manhattan Inn or Spritzenhaus.

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