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Brokelyn Beer Book 2.0: Bigger, Better, Beer-er

How do we know Brooklyn loves beer? It’s not from digging through your trash, collecting cans (which… we’ll tell you about soon). It’s because when we unveiled the Brokelyn Beer Book back in February, the colorful coupon packets for 25 beers at 25 Brooklyn bars (for $25) sold out in a matter of hours. For those who swooped-in early, it’s been six months of beers on the book. For those who missed out, it’s been one long wait for this moment: the announcement of the second Brokelyn Beer Book! This time, as we prepare this next awesome deal for you, we’re doing it a little differently. We’re bowing to the democratizing power of beer, ignorant of economic and editorial status, and asking: What bars do you want?

We’ll be rolling out the second beer book just in time for the holidays, with at least as many bars as before (30, dare we dream?) and more copies to sell. Here’s the full list of bars from the original book, some of which might be back—you never know. But now it’s time to tell us what you think should be in it. Is there some great tavern that was left out the first time around? Your favorite dive? The place with a daily-rotating 30 beers on tap?

Tell us in comments (or email [email protected]) so we can include your picks on our master list for the next book. And, of course, start thinking about who’ll want a copy come December (aside from you, we mean).

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  1. I liked all the old ones but also wouldn’t mind adding: Double Windsor on Prospect Park West and 15th; Mission Dolores on 4th Ave at Carroll; Harefield Road on Metropolitan near Graham; The Richardson on Graham and Richardson; Char No 4 on Smith near Warren.

  2. A couple of these places turned us down the first time. But that was before the BBB was such a phenom. Team Brokelyn, prepare for conquest!

  3. Long Bow Pub and Pantry in Bay Ridge. Free pint of beer with any fish and chips order on Tuesday nights and mommy and baby happy hour on Thursdays!!!!

  4. I bought two copies of the book for me and my girlfriend way back when. Best $50 I ever spent. I loved the Red Hook bars, especially the Ice House. I wouldn’t have gone there otherwise. Having several bars in one neighborhood made for great bar hopping — do that again! How about Prospect/Crown Heights: Washington Commons, Franklin Park, Minor Arcana, etc.

  5. So stoked for this! Hot Bird, Beer Table, Ice House, 4th Ave Pub, Washington Commons, Sycamore, Mission Dolores pleeeaase

  6. Another vote for double Windsor, commonwealth, mission Dolores, beer table, & bierkraft.
    Also buttermilk, Brooklyn pub, & bar Reis.

  7. Yes! Make ammends re: Prospect Heights!!!Franklin Park, Washington Commons, Sepia, Soda, Cornelius, Vanderbilt…….

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