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What are you bringing to the Pre-gift/Re-gift Holiday Party?

One of these, please. In pastel.

With less than a week until Brokelyn’s Pre-gift/Re-gift Holiday Party (Tuesday, Dec. 21, at Hot Bird), it’s time to seriously think about what you’ll be contributing to the gifting pool. First off, remember what the night is: only a primo opportunity to soak up generous drink specials (select $4 draught beers and $1 off all liquor), mingle with your favorite Brokelyn babes and beaus, purge your stash of unwanted (but quality!) gifts from holidays past and pick up some new stuff more to your liking. To facilitate things, we’ve compiled a handy list of pre-gifting/re-gifting dos and donts so you don’t end up re-gifting your pre-gift re-gift findings a third time around.

Do: Bring it if it’s brand new (or can fool a discerning eye)
Sweat the price range. This is an all-inclusive gift exchange.

Do bring: Sporting goods: Golf tees, fancy carabiners, running paraphernalia.
Don’t bring:
A jock strap (even a new one).

Do bring: Perfume or cologne
Don’t bring:
Axe body spray!

Do bring: Kitchenware. Does anyone have that vintage-looking pastel colored electric mixer? Please and thank you.
Don’t bring:
Knives. That would be weird.

Do bring: Scarves, hats, sparkly mittens.
Don’t bring:
These items if they’re infant-sized.

Do bring: Jewelry. Though it can be very specific to personal taste, this is truly the best time to get rid of it guiltlessly.
Don’t bring:
The Ring of Power, a Horcrux, questionably evil looking goblets or mysterious ancient relics.

As for me? Call me crazy, but I’m bringing an iTunes gift card. Match that.

So, what are ya’ bringing?

Brokelyn’s Pre-gift/Re-gift Holiday Party, Tuesday, Dec. 21, 7:30 to 10 p.m. at Hot Bird, 546 Clinton Ave. between Fulton St. and Atlantic Ave., Prospect Heights


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