What $250K buys you in Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens, Westchester and Dutchess

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The median home price in Brooklyn is $524K, but aspiring yuppies needn’t give up on the dream altogether — there are still some places on sale for less than half that, even in our fine borough. Our friends at QueensNYC rounded up apartments in five counties that you can get for $250K, including a sweet Upper West Side studio in Manhattan and this 1BR beaut in Ditmas Park. It’s got closets, decent-sized rooms, groovy kitchen, lots of light, and a good location on East 17th between Cortelyou and Dorchester. Plus, Ditmas Park! Here’s what else you can buy for entry-level dough in five areas.

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Other suggested neighborhoods for recent college graduates included Crown Heights, Washington Heights and Bushwick.


  1. Wow, no pets allowed in the Brooklyn pad? That seems to defeat the aspect of “owning” if you aren’t even allowed a cat.

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