Ward off the chill of winter with a Brokelyn High varsity jacket

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You could look this cool. Well maybe not THIS cool, but close.

We’re lamenting about graduating from Brokelyn High last Thursday, and like any good Millennial, the nostalgia is already coming on strong. We had a great freakin’ time at the Brokelyn High Homecoming Dance, but the clear-cut winner of the popularity contest wasn’t Mascot the Bear (sorry, Mascot), but our limited-edition varsity jackets. Not only do these bad boys make you look like you lettered in assassinating nefarious high school bullies, but they are hand-to-Holy-Spirit the most comfortable jacket you’ll purchase this fall. Did we mention the secret inside pocket? Oh. There’s a secret inside pocket. At just $30, this jacket is less expensive than a week’s worth of $7 lattes from that one coffee shop in Greenpoint, and it will keep you just as warm.

So what are you waiting for? Order your Brokelyn High Varsity Jacket now! (Or, conversely, if you want to start your summer shopping early, we’ve got t-shirts for sale too).

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