Volunteer to help clean up at Governors Ball and get a free ticket

Get here free...for a price of sorts. via Facebook
Get here free…for a price of sorts. via Facebook

So you want to see Kings of Leon and Guns ‘N Roses Nas and Japandroids at Governors Ball this year, but you forgot to buy tickets. Or couldn’t afford any. Bummer. And then the volunteer opportunities filled up. Double bummer. But now a new volunteer opportunity has opened up that will get you partying at the festival, provided you know a lot about recycling, won’t whine and probably as long as you don’t loudly talk about that Guns N’ Roses petition.

The Governors Ball Green Team will be making sure that everyone puts their recyclable items in the right bins, transporting full bins and answering any general questions that people have about recycling in NYC. It sounds like hard work, but we suppose its worth it for a free day hanging out at Randalls Island. If you’re going to sign up to volunteer, you have to sign up for at least one of the evening shifts (7pm – 12am). If you can only do one shift, it has to be an evening one.

Each five-hour shift you do will entitle you to a free ticket, and if you can stomach 15 hours of volunteering on Friday, you can get yourself free admission to both Saturday and Sunday. But, these folks are pretty serious about recycling. Don’t be snarky with people asking questions, don’t show up drunk, don’t drink during your shift and don’t whine about the work, or you’ll get the boot. And while they say they won’t take everyone, as long as you’re willing to be enthusiastic about recycling and know the rules, we bet you’ll have a shot. Hint: Kings of Leon albums go in the landfill.

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