Volunteer to clean up Greenpoint this weekend, get a free bomb-ass lunch [UPDATE: Delayed due to bad weather]

You want some falafel from Cachaco? Get to pickin. via Facebook
You want some falafel from Cachaco? Get to pickin. via Facebook

[UPDATE: The organizers have emailed us to let us know that bad weather has pushed back the clean up to a later date]

We don’t think it’s impolitic to point out that there’s a lot of garbage in New York City. You got a lot of people, you’re gonna have a lot of garbage. However, you can do something about some of that garbage this weekend, by joining up with the Greenpoint Chamber of Commerce for their Curb Your Litter: Greenpoint cleanup effort on Saturday. Is doing it for the sake of being a mensch not enough? That’s fair. Just know that you’ll also get free lunch if you help them out. Oh sure, NOW you’re interested.

Curb Your Litter is going down tomorrow at 10am, starting at the Greenpoint Reform Church (136 Milton Street) and then sending volunteers around an area bordered by Calyer Street, McGuinness Boulevard, Newtown Creek and the East River. As a volunteer, you’ll be picking up garbage from 10am to 1pm, nothng fancy, unless you have some sick garbage picking moves to bust out.

Your reward though? Your reward is a free lunch catered by the likes of Esme, Cachaco and Jungle Cafe. All of those places serve good food, so it’s not like your hard work is being rewarded by soggy ham sandwiches. Plus, you get precious, priceless moral superiority to along with your lunch. And you can’t buy that anywhere.

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