Groupon for vegan condoms here to help you get it in, ethically

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And we’re glad glad glad that you use Glyde

Vegans! Those guys have all the luck, what with their “feckless Brooklyn guy” shtick being so popular with the ladies, and their excuse about not using condoms (“Oh it was made with animal cruelty) being impossible to argue with. But girls, next time some V-neck clad lothario who’s not down with the pork tries to pull a fast one on you, you’ll be prepared. with Glyde’s vegan-friendly condoms, thanks to this Groupon. Because he should be wrapped up in more than your love.

You can buy up to 3 12-packs of the certified ethical, fair trade and vegan condoms, but you can also buy two more as “gifts” for your “roommate.” Glyde condoms are made out of rubber and thistle, making them different from condoms made with casein, which apparently are most of them? The condoms might not show up before Christmas, but that doesn’t preclude them from showing up by New Year’s, which is the bang-ier holiday anyway. If you’re worried about veganism being sexually transmitted, this is probably your best bet to not catch it, short of not sleeping with guys in any major metropolitan area.

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