Vaporize bad vibes with this Groupon (for tobacco use only)

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Also comes in purple for added pimping effect

It’s Friday guys, so everyone’s planning their weekends, right? Gotta get that party going, blast away those bad vibes from work and commute-related related bullshit. Why not start with a little bit of a head rush from sweet mama tobacco? You can do it cheaper than usual thanks to a Groupon that drops the price of this Atmos vaporizer kit from $250 to $80. For tobacco use only, you guys!

The Atmos Rx (it’s like uh, medical or something) vaporizer will vaporize oil and also any dry herbs you might have that you want to put in it. Dry herbs like parsley, sage, rosemary and thyme. What were you thinking of? Because if you think you can use this vaporizer that comes with something called “Cool Green Relaxation oil” for anything untoward or illegal, well, you should just go look somewhere else buddy. This is merely a device to turn pungent, obvious smoke into odorless invisible vapor. Because people are offended by the smell of tobacco. That’s the only reason why this is popular.

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