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Union Pool salutes the service industry with new happy hour

This is the healthiest way to deal with being in retail
This is the healthiest way to deal with being in retail

The service industry is a pretty thankless industry to be in. There are strange hours and people stare at your name tag before they look you in the eye and talk to you like you’re stupid. You’re on your feet all day and unless you work somewhere pretty laid back, you’ve got a morass of frustrated middle managers to deal with who have their own petty grievances they take out on people. Sorry if we sound bitter, we know from very recent experience. Fortunately, so does Union Pool, which is why starting tonight they’re paying tribute to service industry employees every Tuesday night.

Service Industry Night is open to anyone who can prove they work in the service industry, whether that proof is a name tag, a pay stub or even burnt kitchen clothes. You get beer and shot specials AND happy hour prices all damn night, in appreciation of your hard work putting a single loaf of bread in double plastic bags or having people stare dumfounded at a menu asking you to explain every option on it all day. Which means sure, you may be hungover at work the next day, but honestly, what else is new? At least this time you’ll save money along the way.

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