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Unicornland is the sex positive web series we’ve been craving


Dive headfirst into New York’s fetish scene with Annie, a recently divorced 20-something unicorn (a person who has sex with couples while not developing an emotional attachment), the star of Unicornland. Creator Lucy Gillespie derived inspiration from her own sexual journey after divorcing at a young age and realizing her passive ways in life: both personally and professionally.

In this tight eight-episode dramedy, we follow Annie as she entwines herself in a new couple’s life (only for a moment) and their sexual preferences. By jumping in head first, Annie is exposed not only to the good times of sexual exploration but to the burdens of sexual orientation and being seen as different or fetishized by her peers.

The series depicts a world of consent, diversity, communication, intimacy and yes, sex. Each episode features a new couple with a new sexually positive relationship Annie eagerly explores, ultimately helping Annie come closer to discovering her needs (and her orgasms). It’s basically Wild but without all the hiking and shit. Probably the same amount of leather.

What the series does best is open the world of fetishes through the lens of couples and not the act of three-ways. For once, we are treated with a show that understands that you are not just your fetish. You are not just your sexual and/or gender orientation. That alone does define you. It is only a piece of the myriad parts that make you, you.

BDSM, role-playing, bondage, threesomes, and the whole gamut are treated delicately with emotion and admiration. Gillespie has found a way to highlight kink and fetishes without leaving a bland taste of mediocrity or cheapness in your mouth. Fetishes are handled with care and the characters are seen as three-dimensional with their own individual lives outside of the boudoir.

Did you catch that epic SHAG cameo in episode two? Or Bushwick’s Hacienda Villa in the season finale? My favorite part of Unicornland (aside from the sex positivity) was how some of Brooklyn’s greatest sexual treasures were spotlighted as a natural part of life. Shot mostly in Brooklyn, Unicornland’s scenery reminds you to stop and smell BK’s flavored lube that would otherwise be easily bypassed when we are rushing to the L.

It is not for the faint of heart nor suitable for work. (I watched the series at a coffee shop on my laptop knowing my fellow patrons thought I was watching porn in a café.) You will see nipples and other naked body parts! But this series was not created through the lens of the male gaze. It is a realistic representation of all types of sex and pleasure.

Carve out an hour this week and binge watch Unicornland. Your mind and libido will forever thank you.

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