$25 and under gift No. 9: Edamame growing kit

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Japan can be a mysterious place, but it is a country that knows its snacks: While we chomp down on salty peanuts and stale pretzels at bars here in states, the Japanese are busy chasing their Sapporos with the tasty and ever-healthful soy bean. This year, you can give someone a taste of the rising sun with this fun kit to grow your own edamame at home. The $15.95 kit (way cheaper than buying all those marked-up beans as restaurant appetizers) comes with a “beer glass” vase, seeds, growing medium and wicker basket. All you do is keep it watered, give it some sun and wait for the full sprout (instructions included). Then boil, salt and suck. Find it online from Brooklyn-based Brooklyn 5 and 10.com.

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