Turn Black Friday into Cat Friday and get yourself a free cat

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Not this cat though. Photo by Conal Darcy

The ASPCA knows that even though you’re pooh-poohing the idea of Black Friday, you still want something. Wanting things is human nature, as is just expecting people to give you things. That attitude can also be found in man’s best most disdainful friend, the cat, which is why it makes perfect sense that the ASPCA is rechristening Black Friday “Cat Friday” and giving away cats to whoever comes asking.

Yep, seriously, free cat on Friday. From 11am to 9pm, the Manhattan ASPCA Adoption Center (424 East 92nd Street) will be open to anyone who wants to come in and adopt a cat. And because they’re trying to encourage cat adoption, the usual adoption fee of $75 will be waved entirely on cats older than one year. And if you want an adorable kitten that will claw the hell out of your couch and then make a funny face, melting your heart and causing you to forgive it, the adoption fee is dropped to from $125 to $50.

And, AND, even if you don’t find a cat that you just can’t wait to run home with, just for coming in and looking at the merchandise cats the ASPCA will give you a $20 credit, good for three months, towards adopting a cat in the future. Why are they doing this, you ask? They’ve found it’s a much more effective cat adoption outreach tactic than their previous one.

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