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Transportation Alternatives is handing out free iced coffee tomorrow [UPDATE: Friday, due to rain]

Use the money you'd spend on coffee and your Metrocard for beer
Use the money you’d spend on coffee and your Metrocard for beer. via Transportation Alternatives’ Facebook

Planning on biking to work for a little exercise now that it’s nice enough to show up to work looking like a sweaty mess? You might need an extra boost to get you over that final hump on the Williamsburg Bridge, and luckily for you, Transportation Alternatives will be out in front of the Brooklyn side of the bridge giving out free iced coffee¬†from 8am to 10am ON FRIDAY.

[UPDATE: Lousy fucking rain. The lousy fucking rain has pushed this event back to Friday, same time, from 8am to 10am]

Sounds like a pretty good deal if you need to go to an office. Because not only will you be saving money by not using a MetroCard, you’ll also get to skip buying your morning coffee. Or you can buy an extra one at some point because, ugh, work, right? And if you’re a freelancer or work from home type, this is a good way for you to get a little exercise and step away from the computer for a half hour.

TA reps will also be on hand to tell people what they’ve been up to in their fight for more balances transportation options, and have some petitions in hand as well. Which, when you think about it, early morning is the best time to get petition signatures from people, since they’ll be too tired and coffee-starved to know what exactly it is they’re fighting for. Brilliant plan, guys.

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