Trade your board games for this pile of extra beer

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The actual beer in question, via Craigslist.

Sure, most of us would just get irresponsibly drunk by drinking all the beer left over from our parties. But one Park Sloper had a different idea: turning that extra booze into barter. And not just barter for anything boring like health care or furniture moving — she wants your board games. Via Fucked in Park Slope, this Craigslist ad offers to trade you some of her decent selection of “way too much beer” (Sixpoint, Abita, Stella et. al) for games, specifically Apples to Apples and Taboo, but she’s open to suggestions. Full ad below:

Dear Craigslist,

I have way too much beer left over from a BBQ I hosted over the weekend. I’d like to trade beer for certain board games you probably have that are collecting dust on your shelves.

I’m especially interested in finding Apples to Apples & Taboo – but feel free to let me know what games you’re willing to trade for beer. I’m open to suggestions.

The games should be in good shape (lightly used, with all of its pieces, etc). The pick-up location will be in Park Slope.

Here are the types of beer I have:

Sixpoint-Sweet Action
Newcastle Brown Ale
Lagunitas IPA
Porkslap Pale Ale – Farmhouse Ale
Smuttynose Brewing Co. – Summer Weizen Ale
Abita Restoration Pale Ale
A few other random bottles of different things

Also: I’m not going to trade games for beer with the under-21 crowd. Sorry guys!

If anyone wants to barter by offering beer for someone to play board games with, holla @ us.

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  1. I’m looking to trade the haphazard selection of craft beers my douchey friends left at my house for a handle of vodka (Fleishmann’s or better), which is what they all ended up drinking anyway. If they were really my friends they would know I have diabetes and Celiacs disease, and beer is THE last thing I want laying around my apartment. I just want to play board games and get high, and maybe try and bring back the Moscow Mule. Are you with me?

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